Do you ever have trouble making decisions or taking action in recruiting people?

One of the problems that I have been observing over and over with leaders is this total sense of overwhelm. This usually manifests indecisiveness and unhappiness which in turn leads to a halt in recruiting.

You might be wondering why this impacts recruiting.…

I see overwhelmed leaders continue to sell with no problems. But when the day to day makes you feel bogged down it’s hard to recruit other people to do the same thing as you.

Don’t be sad because I will talk about some of the things you can do to minimize the overwhelm, bring out your joy and become more open to inviting people to the business and be magnetic about it!

If you are in a state of overwhelm- that feeling is usually derived from fear….. Which usually comes from NOT KNOWING what is next.  

I am going to share 4 steps that can help you minimize this fear and overwhelm so that you can move back into action.

Step #1: Write down the things that are bringing on that fear.

Step #2: Write down all of the things that bring you joy in your business (or would bring your joy if it’s something you aren’t doing yet).

Step #3: Let’s visualize a bit…write down what the end of the best week would look like, what it would feel like, and what things you would have accomplished.  

Step #4: Set goals. What I love to do is set up “OR” goals.  I’m going to enroll 3 people this week OR reach out to 30 people this week.  This gives you CONTROL over your goals. Always attach an action so that you can measure your success. And of course set a deadline to take that action.

Think about this, if each day you reach out to 3 people and invite them into an appointment, and you also reached out to 3 current customers what would your business look like?  That’s 30 people each week that you could potentially impact. This is a HUGE win.

Think about your long term game; if you want to reach success you need little wins everyday to keep you happy and moving forward.  When you are happy and winning all the time in your business you will feel like you have arrived, and you will not have the hesitation to ask others if they want to join you and do this with you.

You don’t have to be a top rank to crush recruiting, but if you crush recruiting you will inevitably be a top rank 🙂

Have a great  and JOYFUL day!