That’s a great way to set up blog huh? You may be thinking, Tasha you are such a chump. I crushed 2018 why do you have to be such a downer?

This is a transparent look into my journey as a leader. If you are easily offended by real business talk, please stop reading. If you want to know how the sausage is made, this is my gift to you. – if you’d rather listen to this podcast, click here.

The definition of Emerge is to rise up, as if from an inferior or unfortunate position. When I started Emerge, I had this vision- to disrupt the world with an audacious concept: you can do this…you can be successful in this business.

Some training is too complicated, some is overly simplified. Online training lacks something that is much needed in the world: great coaching and mentorship.

I wanted to create a place where people “emerged” (the name was very intentional). I always imagined the scene in The Princess Bride where Indigo throws the rope to Westley and Westley “emerges” over the mountain…

Someone needs to throw the rope.

So we set out and were able to make a very big impact in 2017. I set some even more audacious goals for 2018 that matched our vision, and our hopes for the lives we would impact.

I thought we could double our 2017 revenue to deliver 3 million in coaching and training and reach 10,000 new students/clients….I thought that we could do this without building any infrastructure or operational frameworks. Well, you can see how this was doomed from the start. Hindsight is 20/20.

We reached none of these goals. We did not reach our revenue goal. We did not reach our new student goal. We did not reach our profit goals. Many of my so called brilliant plans flopped. We lost team members. And I’m a business coach, specializing in leadership, so now what?

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about why we missed these goals. It’s really the same as every business. We didn’t spend enough time on a solid lead generation process. I took risks in areas that didn’t pan out.

Also, we missed these goals because business is hard. Doing something no one has dared attempt is hard. I am unwavering in my mission: to provide high quality, affordable coaching to anyone who needs to care for their family through sales and leadership. Well, of course, this will be hard, no one has ever done it. I’m hard-headed and my #34 adaptability will not waver in this mission.

It’s so easy to look at what didn’t happen. Hopes dashed. Promises broken. Heartache.

But what did happen?

  • By the time the year ends, we will have delivered 1.2 million dollars worth of coaching, training, and workshops
  • That’s 9000 coaching programs, workshops or mini-courses sold- that’s a lot of impact. 7000+ total students/clients. 2000 new students/clients
  • 135+ Emerge alumni and students got to walk the fancy carpet at their convention
  • We started establishing an honest-to-God marketing strategy
  • We created 3 long-term coaching programs so our clients will ALWAYS have a place to grow
  • Each of our team members is in a place that is aligned with their gifts and talents and they are crushing it
  • We started some very important work around joy and business
  • My rash is gone
  • I put out 2 videos that were pure comedic genius
  • We DECIDED who we would be in the marketplace instead of having the market decide who we would be- we develop leaders
  • We have started running FB groups LIKE A BOSS

What did I learn?

  • Watch market conditions closely and listen to the changing needs of the audience
  • Mental, physical, and emotional health is more important than short-term financial goals
  • Letting your struggles show, as well as shining in your brilliance, helps to inspire others
  • I care deeply for my clients, past and present. And I need a better way to keep in touch.
  • Building a team for the long haul is really hard, and that’s ok. Putting your people in places they can shine is critical if your mission is to deliver light.
  • The hundreds of ways to improve the learning and development process.
  • Despite what feels like many setbacks, we are actually 2 years ahead of my 5 year plan. In 2019 we are supposed to hire my first coach. Instead we have a team of total rock stars who are ready to take over the world.

What’s next?

  • I’ll continue my daily existential crisis. I want to be more comfortable navigating this emotionally. And I want to give myself the grace I would give my clients.
  • 1000 rank advancements
  • Create a community with high access and a feeling of home and family. If you are a leader and you need your cup filled up, we have your back.
  • Just in time coaching- what do you need RIGHT NOW and deliver that

Was 2018 awesome for you in your business? Was it kind of a nightmare?

Either way, I encourage you to do a solid reflection. What did you accomplish? Celebrate your wins! They were here. What did you learn? And what’s next?

Cheers to 2019. See you next year. 🙂