Why does it feel so good to be recognized personally for our accomplishments?

How does it impact our future success?

And if we are thinking about business, how does it impact our overall performance and the overall performance of our team?

I was reading a study the other day that outlined specific research where they found evidence to support the notion “that human behavior is shaped by its consequences, and that one of the most powerful ways to enhance employee performance is by providing positive consequences for that performance. If you notice, recognize and reward specific behaviors and performance – for instance excellent customer service – that behavior will tend to be repeated.”

I received a card like this the other day from an old friend…the card probably had wonderful pre-written words on it but what meant the most was her kind, loving, personal words of love and encouragement. I felt heard. I felt supported. It left me feeling so uplifted. I may have even cried a little bit knowing that someone had taken the time to think of me and write a personal note. It meant so much.

What she did with her words was let me know that she saw me, understood me, and cared about me.  What if we did this for our team members?

Now, if your top strengths are similar to mine -Woo, Relator, Positivity, Connectedness, and Empathy -you may be thinking, “I can do that for my people -let’s go!”. BUT if writing all these FEELINGS make you feel anxious and uncertain that’s okay -not everyone was born feeling comfortable behind a pen. In fact, one of our students reached out to us the other day because she had set a goal of sending personal, handwritten notes to her team but was feeling STUCK on what to write – especially to those who she wasn’t as close with.

Since words don’t always flow freely for everyone I’d love to share a handy little RECOGNITION RECIPE that I thought might be helpful for when you decide to take out that pen and share a few words of appreciation with a team member.

Recipe for an AWESOME Recognition Note:

  1. Add a scoop of Meaningful Recognition

Start by specifically stating what was done that is being recognized. We all want to do more of what we know works well, right?

We can recognize all types of things in a note – it can be something BIG like rank advancement but we can also things like rocking out a call blitz or bringing on a brand new builder! Nothing is too small in our business to recognize!

Here’s an example:

Dear Karen,

Congratulations on reaching this exciting new level in your business! I know that you worked so hard and stepped outside of your comfort zone of asking for referrals to bring on new customers and accomplish this goal.

   2. ADD a DASH of PERSONAL FEELINGS (optional but adds good flavor)

Explain how their action or accomplishment made YOU feel (assuming you felt some pride or respect for their accomplishment). People not only love to feel self pride but many people like to know what they did impacted others in a positive way, too.

Here’s an example:

I’m so proud of the time you spent practicing your referral ask and I appreciate the positivity you bring to all of our coaching calls.


Point out the value added to your team or their customers by the action they took or their accomplishment. Helping others see the impact they are making on the growth of the overall team or positive way they are serving their customers creates a deep sense of connection, belonging, and purpose.

Here’s an example:

This new level of your business means that you are changing more and more customer lives through the use of our products AND that you are a true role model for everyone on our team.


Wrap your note up with a sincere thank you and wish for future success to show them that you believe this is only the beginning of what they can do.

Here’s an example:

Thank you again for all that you are doing in your business -I know this is only the start of great things to come for you!

  5. STIR it UP and SPREAD the JOY!!!

So there you have it – your own personal Recipe for (Handwritten) Recognition!

Know that just like my brownies that are always too gooey in the middle and crunchy on the edges that your note might not be perfect, BUT guess what? It doesn’t need to be!

We don’t analyze a thoughtful note from others…we cherish them. I challenge you to send out a note a day for the next 5 days and see how it feels. You will definitely impact the person who receives your message but I am pretty certain that you will be impacted as well through taking the time to authentically love on and support others around you.

Please let me know how it goes!!!

Thank you for your time and have a great day!