In high school, I wanted so desperately to be like other people.  

I went to a small Christian school in Orange County, California, so being like others meant being skinny, blonde, and with parents that took you to church.

I was none of those things. (Click here if you’d rather listen to this podcast).

In high school, I couldn’t get a date, unless one of my friends made it happen.  Most of the jocks wanted the girls to watch them play basketball so they could impress them.  I was a jock who would prefer to play basketball against the boys and beat them, then watch their game…

So you can see why I didn’t have many takers.

That jock-quality made me irresistible to men in my late twenties, though.  They didn’t care that I wasn’t blonde, my dark skin made me exotic. I instantly repelled all guys that were looking for someone normal and received proposals from all of the others.

For example:  

Tasha:  I can’t go out-I have a hockey game.

Guy-Who-Didn’t-Make-The-Cut:  What? You’re going to a game? Who’s playing?

T:  Me and my team…

Guy:  Huh? You play hockey?!? Will you marry me???

Or the next couple happened with Charlie when we were dating:

Tasha:  What do you want to do Sunday?  Watch football all day?

Charlie:  Yes please!

T:  Great, I’ll make nachos.

C:  Great.  Will you marry me?

Then I suggested to Charlie we play Madden together (just in case you don’t know, Madden is a football video game):

Tasha:  Want to play Madden with me?

Charlie:  Sure!

Tasha:  {3rd and 2, run “PA Waggle”} Touchdown! I win!

Needless to say, that game has since been banned in our house since “someone” had a fit when I beat them over and over again with the same play.

When I started Emerge, I dressed all corporate and tried to look like everyone else.  It didn’t work. Then my asthma flared up, and I switched to hoodies. Now that has become my brand.

In fact, yesterday, one of my clients even told me I should change the Emerge logo and put a hoodie on Emerge Guy because that has become associated with my brand.

It has become my brand because it was really who I was, so I leaned in and became consistent about standing out.  “Jock” became a brand pillar of mine. This makes me stand out in an industry dominated by men, and non-jock women.

As part of this brand pillar, I tell sports analogies all the time, I wear hoodies almost every day including at speaking events (including “fancy” hoodies that have a fake tux on it), hoodies are always on camera in my Facebook Live videos or coaching calls, and I share lessons from athletes like Olympic Silver Medalists.

Now I have a tribe.  I have repelled a lot of people who think I’m unprofessional, but I don’t need to be accepted everywhere.  I just need to find my people.

This has very little to do with training and coaching.  This has little to do with sales and leadership.

But when people connect with my “Sporty Spice” personality, they also move over into my other “brand pillars”.

Each of us are known for something amongst our friends (coffee, wine, homeschool, knitting, etc).  Spend more time telling interesting stories about this side of you that makes you different, and you will stand out in their newsfeeds.

Not only will you stand out, but you will connect on a deeper level.

Network marketing, and really all business, is about relationships and this a great place to start!  I hope this was helpful for you today.

P.S. In the past year I have received 3 hoodies as gifts.  YAY! And thanks to those who sent them – you know who you are.