Have you ever felt discouraged because you are spending so much time on social media, yet your posts are getting no engagement?

Today Heather Prestanski, our brilliant business coach, will share some MAJOR errors that will cause your posts to get NO reach, NO engagement, and ultimately lead to a lot of wasted time down the social media rabbit hole.  Keep reading to learn from Heather below or watch the video.

Have you ever heard the term “banner blindness”?  As a marketer, I have to worry about this every single day…

Banner blindness is a phenomenon that’s come about as a result of the information age.  As we are being pummelled with more and more marketing messages through our technology, devices, billboards on the street, and basically everywhere we look, we are becoming blind to marketing.

Maybe you’ve experienced this.  You put up a post about that killer new BOGO deal your company is offering and the response was so silent you had to go back and make sure the post even went live…

Or you asked people to comment with a different color heart emoji depicting what they’d like more information on… and the only emoji left was a telephone from your mom because she wanted you to call her.

You might even be feeling like the organic reach of social media is dead!  If you’ve been listening to any so-called marketing gurus they’ve certainly said it…

But the truth is that the vast majority of people I see doing business via social media are making some MAJOR errors that are causing their posts to get no reach, no engagement, and ultimately lead to a lot of wasted time for very few sales.

So let’s dive into these mistakes:

Selling through your personal profile

Not only is this against the terms of service through most  social media platforms but it also just FEELS gross. Think about social media as a party…. Let’s say you had a bunch of friends over and just start pitching your products.  How would they feel?

Rather than using your personal page for selling, create a group or business page where you are also providing other valuable content to engage your audience.  

We tend to talk AT people rather than TO them.  We want to actually think about social media as a conversation with friends.  

A few great ways to do this are to let your followers brag and shine.  Ask them questions that engage them… not just questions where you answer with information on your products.  You can also continue these conversations in private messenger. Once you engage in a messenger conversation- they will also start to see more of your posts in their newsfeed.    

Trying to appeal to everyone.  

If you are trying to appeal to everyone you are appealing to no-one.  Think about who your target audience is and then craft your messaging around those people.  Even if your product can work for ANYONE…hone in on a specific audience (mom’s with kids, pet owners, stressed out  executives etc).

The great news is that if you avoid these mistakes, you will be well on your way to creating a social media presence that brings you new connections, leads, and even sales.  

Thanks so much for reading this valuable insight from Emerge’s business coach Heather.   I hope this was helpful for you today!