Have you ever wondered what top earning network marketers focus on to get their results?

Today, I am going to share with you the the trends that make 6-7 figure earners successful. But as the old adage says, “what got you here won’t get you there.” So then I will share the skills that these powerful leaders are developing. To listen to this podcast go to: emergesalestraining.com/315-6-figure-earner .  

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Let’s start by listing the trends that high level leaders have in common:

  1. They are action oriented. When in doubt, their default setting is to move into action. They work hard on the activities that specifically lead to revenue. They do not get distracted by things that aren’t mission critical.
  2. They believe passionately in the model of network marketing. Yes, they love their product wholeheartedly. They love the business model even more. The best part is this: when you do the business you also get the product so it’s a double win!
  3. They aligned their actions, strengths, and enthusiasm with revenue producing activities. I looked for a pattern in what they did to get to a certain level. I looked for a trend in the strategy, or tactics. The pattern was, there wasn’t one. Each of them created their own path based on the things they were excited about and they were good at.

So then what’s next? What’s important for them to move to their next level? There are 2 major categories. My hope is that you get some guidance on what you can move into action on, based on where you are in your business. Not all areas are appropriate for all network marketers.

Group 1: Processes

  1. Recruiting process- is the process from “yes I want to do this” to “yay I am making money” written out so new builders can be launched quickly and effectively without gaps.
  2. Content planning- Retreat planning, speech writing, training course creation.
  3. Tech- simple technology hacks that keeps them from operating at full speed. They just live with the frustrations and removing the tech burden is super helpful.
  4. Proper delegation- Assistants? Who does what and when?

Group 2: Developing leaders

  1. Conscious competence- do you know why you are successful so you can continue to duplicate the behavior? Are you celebrating your wins?
  2. Creating buy-in when coaching- How do we shift the conversations from telling to asking, and leading their people to come to their own conclusions?
  3. Team assessments- Who is committed? Who needs skill development? How should time be spent so burn out doesn’t settle in?
  4. Recognition and team culture strategies

As you are listening to this, there are a few that I think you can start doing right away to start getting an edge

  1. Journal your wins and ask yourself, “what did I do as a leader to create this result?” Break it down all the way.
  2. Instead of telling people “this is important because…” ask “why is this important?” A simple shift in wording shows honor and respect. It also engages the critical thinking of your leaders.
  3. Spend 80% of your time in direct revenue generating activities: enrolling new customers, customer retention, recruiting new team members, and coaching active and hard-working builders.

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I hope this was helpful for you today!