OMG I can’t believe they are letting ME take a living, breathing human home from the hospital…

And he is so small and fragile…. to top it off he was a NICU baby born 6 weeks early.  I look at this picture remembering clearly the thought of…the responsibility that lay before me.  


WHEN WILL THEY FIND OUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING (i mean i couldn’t keep a plant alive and had given a FEW dogs to my parents over the years…

Who else felt like this on the way home from the hospital with their newborn?

Fast forward almost 10 years  (OMG he turns TEN next month- which is a whole different conversation) and miraculously he is alive… and pretty awesome too.

This feeling that I didn’t know what I was doing…  that I was going to be FOUND OUT…

Like all of the sudden I would be exposed for the FRAUD I was- POSING as someone who could actually MOM successfully.

This feeling has a name.  And it has crept into my life at many different points.


And now I am taking care of a different sort of baby…  my business.

There are days I feel on top of the world… everything is working.  I am ROCKING this.

And then…  that feeling creeps in.  That doubt that I actually know what the he$$ I’m doing.  

But friends- here is what I have learned after coaching and leading hundreds of people.  EVERYONE has imposter syndrome.  

EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.   Even the people with the most mind blowing accomplishments.   People who are running million dollar businesses.

In fact, when you search “imposter syndrome” 2,040,000 results come up.  

So here is what we do when this BS feeling creeps in.  

We recognize it for what it is…  B.S.

And then we fight back.  Because we get to choose what we believe.  And those thoughts that creep in…. they are JUST THOUGHTS.  

And if we choose to believe we are an imposter we will look for evidence that supports that thought.

BUT if we choose to say- “No way- this is B.S….” and we choose to look for evidence that says we got this.  ??

??We make a list of ALL of our accomplishments, no matter how small.  

??We create a habit of writing down our wins…no matter how small.

??We ask someone to remind us of WHO we are if we need a little help.

??We surround ourselves with people who are stepping out and doing things in spite of fear.

??And every day we reflect on what we are grateful for because the journey is hard sometimes and we need to remember that there is always something to be grateful for.

And then we keep showing up. Even when we are sleep deprived and scared and not sure we can keep our baby alive.  We do the very best that we can. Each. And. Every. Day.

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Thanks for reading this today!