Craft Your High Converting Sales Conversion (That’s Actually Comfortable for Your Customers!)

Are you uncomfortable with conversations around money and affordability?  Do your customers seek out less expensive oils on Amazon?  Do your customers want membership, but struggle seeing why they need a whole kit?

Watch the replay to learn how you can create your sales presentation that will make selling kits simple with a flow that feels natural and comfortable for both you and your clients.

We Can Teach You How to Sell (Without Feeling High Pressure or Losing All Your Friends) in Just 8 Weeks

Do you like going to your kid’s soccer game and spending the entire time talking about oils?  Or would you rather be watching the game?

Atomic Truth Bomb #1

Giving an oil recipe and sample to everyone you meet with a sniffle, pimple, or ailment is destroying your authority as an expert.

Atomic Truth Bomb #2

Your customer isn’t going to give you $300 because of your story. The story they care most about is their own.

Atomic Truth Bomb #3

Posting pictures of your product all day on Facebook won’t grow your business – the people who buy from these posts would have bought no matter what.  Successful salespeople sell by actually talking to people.

doTERRA has over 3,000,000 wellness advocates shipping to nearly 100 countries*   How will YOU stand out?

Source:  doTERRA Essential Oils Fact Sheet

Maybe your current sales process looks something like this:

You identify something in someone that might make them a great fit for your product.  Maybe they posted that they’ve been struggling with a stubborn cold.  Maybe they start asking you about what you do?  Score!  So you send that potential client a sample kit then follow up with that client with the hope that they come back loving the product as much as you do and want to make a purchase. Or maybe they will show up to a class.

How’s this working for you?  Is your team growing rapidly with this approach?  Are you helping the masses improve their health?

We can do better. 

The truth is that this approach leads to just one of three outcomes (and none are that great):


Worst Case

Your potential client takes the sample and says “Thanks so much!”.  They stick it in their junk drawer and never actually use it.  

Oh, and then you’re out the money for the sample.


Typical Case

Your client uses the product improperly or really doesn’t understand the benefit of the product.  Maybe you gave them an oil to take with their cold.  Because they’re new to oils, they use the oil and also take their regular cold medication.  When you ask them if it worked, they shrug their shoulders and say “Maybe it could have worked…. But I’m not sure I feel any better than I did with my normal cold medicine…”


Best Case

Your client uses the product and it works!  (Just as you knew it would!).  They come back to you and say “I want to buy that product [read: and only that product].  How much is it?”  You then get into a complicated discussion over wholesale versus retail and spend a ton of your time making back just enough to cover the cost of the sample and buy yourself a cup of coffee.

But it’s not your fault, things have changed over the years!


It’s not your leader’s fault either.  They aren’t trained in managing salespeople.


The difference between the average rep and those who become highly successful?  It’s simple.  Strong consistent selling.

Selling the appointment.

Selling the product.

Selling kits.

Selling the opportunity to join your team.

Then constantly selling your team members on the fact that they, too, need to sell.

Here is how your life will change when you learn how to sell successfully

THIS IS YOUR LIFE AS A PROFICIENT SALESPERSON:  You no longer dread reaching out to people to tell them about your product (and they no longer dread you doing the same).  Conversations flow naturally and are customer-centric;  meaning your customer continually feels happy and completely engaged.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE AS A PROFICIENT SALESPERSON:  Your calendar is full of appointments to people who are as interested in the product as you are – and who actually will buy from you.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE AS A PROFICIENT SALESPERSON:  The easy feeling of knowing that you can source, book, and close customers whenever you choose to do so makes you feel like you just met Ryan Gossling in person – and he told you he’s been waiting his entire life to meet someone just like you!  (Okay… maybe not that good.  But close!)

How will you get there?

Let us introduce you to our low-pressure, high-results sales system…

You are just 8 weeks away from a more organized sales approach, better appointments, more sales, and more recruits.

Week 1: Stop Feeling Crazy
Stop Feeling Crazy: Week 1 Workbook
Stop Feeling Crazy: Week 1 Slides
Know your stats
Sales Tracker
I Know my stats, now what
Stop Feeling Crazy Intro
Use Your Planner
Setting Monthly Plans
Business Decisions
Optional Step: Set Up Customer Relationship Management Software
Week 2: Better Appointments
Better Appointments Intro
Week 2 Workbook
Better Appointments- Why People Don’t Set Up Appointments
Better Appointments- Keys to Improving Schedule Rates
Better Appointments-Steps to Writing Your Approach
Better Appointments- Calling Someone You Know
Calling Someone You Know Example
Better Appointments- Transition to Scheduling an Appointment
Transition a Conversation to Scheduling an Appointment (Example)
Better Appointments- Setting a Follow-Up
Better Appointments- Tips to Increase Show Rate
Setting Up a Follow-Up Appointment After First Order (Example)
BONUS LESSON: What about texting or Facebook messaging?
Week 2 MP3 Downloads
BONUS LESSON: What about voicemails?
Week 3: Sales Conversations (Part 1)
Week 3 Workbook
Sales Conversations 1- Intro
Sales Conversations 1- Why They Don’t Buy
Sales Conversation 1- Start it off right
Sales Conversation 1- Agenda
Sales Conversations 1- Learn about their goals
Sales Conversation 1- Your Company Story
Sales Conversation 1- Wrap-Up
My Sales Conversation: Part 1
Week 3 MP3 Downloads
Week 4: Sales Conversations (Part 2)
Week 4 Sales Conversations Workbook
Sales Conversations 2- Intro
My Sales Conversation Part 2
Sales Conversations 2- Big Picture
Sales Conversations 2- Explaining Kits
Product Explanation Example
Sales Conversations 2- Closing
Closing Example
Sales Conversations 2- Troubleshooting
Example Phone Appointment Transcription
Example Phone Appointment Video
Week 4 MP3 Downloads
BONUS LESSON: 2 Simple Ways to Increase Your Closing Percentage
Week 5: Too Many Customers to Call
Too Many Customers to Call- Week 5 Workbook
Too Many Customers to Call- Intro
Too Many Customers- Why Don’t People Give You Referrals?
Tips to Asking for Referrals
Too Many Customers- Choose Your Approach
Too Many Customers- Steps to Asking for Referrals
Asking for Referrals Example
Too Many Customers- Calling a Referral
Calling a Referral Example
What Your Customer Should Say to the Referral Example
Too Many Customers- Promoting Hosting an Event
Promoting Hosting an Event Example
Week 5 MP3 Downloads
Week 6: Customer Retention
  • W6 M1 Customer Retention Intro
    W6 M2 Wish-list Appointment Part 1
    W6 M3 Wish-list Appointment Part 2
    Week 6 Assignment 2: Explain how I can get free stuff!!
    Sample Follow-up Appointment Outline
    Week 6 Assignment 3: Watch Week 7 Videos
    W6 M4 Customer Connection
    W6 M5 Promotions/Additional Products
    BONUS: Live Example Follow Up Appointment
Week 7: Recruiting
Recruiting – Week 7 Workbook
Week 7 Recruiting Slides
Week 7 Recruiting: Intro
Recruiting: 4 Types of Decision Makers
Recruiting: Why is This So Hard?
Recruiting: Core Service Principles
Recruiting: In the Sales Appointment
Recruiting: Customer Service Opportunities
Recruiting: OMG They Want to Learn More
Week 8: Leading Your Team
W8 M1 Develop Your Team: Intro
Developing Your Team- Sales Rep Lifecycle
Developing Your Team- Your Job as a Leader
Week 8 Assignment 2: The 5 Love Languages
Developing Your Team- The First Chat
Week 8 Assignment 3: Have a “goals” conversation with someone on your team
W8 M5 Initial Training
Developing Your Team- Advanced Training
Developing Your Team- Skills Transfer Process
Sales Skills Assessment
BONUS LESSON: Leadership Skills Assessment
BONUS LESSON: Why is duplication so hard?

How is this different than all of the other courses your leader has pushed you to buy?

Well to start, Tasha (our founder, leader, and creator of Your Direct Sales Foundation) is not a Network Marketing Leader.  She’s not an active rep.  She’s a customer (with over 15 years experience as a sales trainer to boot!).  

Tasha created Your Direct Sales Foundation from the perspective of the customer.  You know, the people who actually buy the stuff that earns you a commission?  

It’s because of this that our sales system feels so natural and low-pressure to both you and to your customer.  It’s not built to pad a leader’s purse.  It’s not built to make the CEO richer.  This system is built simply to help your client buy what they don’t know they need.  To help your client enrich their lives.  To bring more value to the world.  

(Oh, and because the approach is so client focused, you’ll close more sales and make more money as a natural consequence.  You’re welcome.)

Are you in?  Here’s how to get started:


Your Direct Sales Foundation offers two distinct learning experiences:

Here’s what other Your Direct Sales Foundation students have to say:

I am truly thankful for the kick in the pants I’m receiving not only from the DSF course, but especially from the group coaching sessions. I feel truly under the gun, so to speak, as every week whatever we’ve been focusing on happens to be what I have to put into practice immediately! Yikes! I haven’t even been able to memorize my scripts fully yet because everyday there are more appointments–darn it! 😉 (Big grin!) I guess we have to start somewhere and sometime. Thank you, Tasha, for coming into my life for such a time as this….

I went from feeling like a deer in headlights with my business to feeling extremely comfortable and confident. Yes, Tasha helps you with your sales script, but she also helps you change your viewpoint and attitude which made all the difference for me! I owe several sales to her and I’m only 2 months into my business!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your training services. I have really appreciate the way that you approach the sales process. It is clear, concrete and simple. You make it all about the customer and your approach has really changed the way I think about sales. I can’t keep up with the list of people I need to contact. My calendar is booked out and I am getting new builders faster than I know what to do with them! Now I need a training on managing my time to make the most sales, haha. I really appreciated the group coaching too, I hope that you continue to do that with your program. Even though I didn’t complete all the assignments, having the accountability was really helpful in keeping me motivated. Having the access to your brain was a huge plus as the way that you think about things is both revolutionary and simple and I am always astounded at how complicated I have made things in my mind and it was right there in front of me the whole time

I personally have liked the accountability and keeping track of the points. It helps keep a fire under my butt!! Most importantly I feel the content has been the missing piece to my business. Having the tools and skills laid out, explained and implemented make me feel like I am really working my business and not just doing this as a hobby! It does challenge me to make decisions regarding my business. I like the group discussions because others have raised questions that I never thought about and it is good to see the training videos come to life in the group

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You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

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