Watch this if you want to SUPERCHARGE your Customer Facebook Group so you can get your group to sell and recruit for you while you aren’t working…

Imagine spending tiny pockets of time planning what to post so you can duplicate and grow your group, watching customers become superfans and lead others to become customers, and ditching social media mistakes that turn people off.

Are you wondering what is covered in this mastermind?


Week 1

Discover How to Easily Set Your Group Up To Maximize Results


Week 2

Secrets to Spending Less Time to Create Maximum Results

Week 3

Simple Ways to Create Action Amongst Your Customers & Builders 

Week 4

Keys to Avoiding Engagement Killing Mistakes That Turn People Off

Week 5

Strategies to Grow Your Group (that don’t take hours to implement)

Week 6

Create Superfans and Convert Superfans to Builders

Week 7

Overcoming Implementation Challenges

Week 8

Setting Yourself Up for Longterm Success

This is for you if…


You are done struggling with knowing what to post in your customer group


You are committed to making your social media work more efficiently while positively impacting customers’ lives


You want to avoid engagement killing mistakes and implement an exact strategy that creates authentic connection and excitement (without having to figure it out all yourself)


Building connection is important to you and you want to create value so it's not "just another group"


You have a love-hate relationship with social media


You want to spend less time on social media and create maximum results

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Personally this mastermind exceeded my expectations!

I knew it was going to be good, but this was mind-blowing.  I am amazed at how quickly my group has transformed.  The results I wasn’t able to get for a few years I got in 8 weeks! Great engagement, community, spirit, personal touch, even conversion! And FUN! Thank you Tasha, this mastermind was priceless! – Marzena Krysiak

She bought a kit!

This is one of my high school besties, we’ve seen each other maybe 3 times since graduation, but keep up with each other on Facebook.I invited her to the group about a year ago with the offer to get a free ebook, I can’t remember what if was for. She doesn’t comment much, if ever, but I’m so thankful for the strategies you’ve taught me. Because they work, even when you don’t realize it!  She just bought a kit from one of my posts using the strategy you taught.- Alisse Coil

This mastermind was a game-changer!

I knew it was going to be good but the very specific tweaking made a huge difference on many levels. So many takeaways I will be going over!! Tasha you are brilliant at what you do! Thank you.  Nicole Leone

Take a Minute to Imagine the Following


Spending tiny pockets of time planning what to post so you can have purpose and grow your group


Watching customers become super fans and THEIR excitement and product conviction turns new people into customers


Ditching sales-y posts that turn people off and leave you feeling blah


Leaving your social media mistakes in the past where they belong and having the confidence to move forward


Using simple posts to identify potential builders without calling each person individually


Having a strategy to run webinars full of customers and potential customers excited to learn how to get more products

This Could Be You…

How is this different than all of the other masterminds out there promising to give you the secret to running groups?

When you choose the mastermind option, not only will you have instant access to start watching the training videos…You will have REAL TIME coaching support so that you can skyrocket your success.  


Here is what you will get….

INSTANT access to your online training and a content calendar so you can create engaging content one month at a time

LIVE weekly coaching calls (for 8 weeks) with Tasha Smith, Emerge Founder & Author of the best-selling book, “Customer First: Create More Impact and Income With Your Network Marketing Business“. These calls are recorded if you can’t make it live. Calls will start on Friday, October 22nd and meet weekly at 8:30 am Pacific time for 8 weeks.  The coaching will be one hour, but Tasha will stay on and answer questions, so we suggest you block 90 minutes for each call so you can take advantage of the bonus Q & A time.

BONUS Q & A time at the end of each coaching call so that you can get answers for your questions

LIFETIME ACCESS to online training & call recordings that will support your learning

EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you can ask questions between calls, be encouraged, have accountability, and get feedback

ACTION LISTS so you know exactly what to do to move your business forward without confusion.



What’s All This Going to Cost Me?….

We know most coaches charge thousands and thousands of dollars for masterminds… but our mission is to help anyone who needs to sell to feed their family learn to sell.

We try to make this affordable for everyone. Pricing may increase in the future, but right now your investment is just $597.

You can choose either one payment of $597 or 12 weekly payments of $50. Most will make their investment back in just a few months.

And because we wan’t you to feel super comfortable we have a 30 day money back guarantee. 🙂

Why We Created This Mastermind


If you need to sell to feed your family, we are here to help you. Today's network marketer can't afford to ignore having a successful Facebook group.


No one has taught most people the foundation of communicating with people online, and it’s sucking the joy out of people’s businesses


Many network marketers are traumatized by spammy network marketers, and this makes them overly cautious and confused about how to promote their business while maintaining a positive reputation.


Real talk + effective and easy to follow strategy + action = breakthrough without chaos


We all know that graphics aren't working but aren't sure what to do instead to create a real online community. This gives you a system to get consistent outcomes.


Accountability and momentum of a group also working hard to be consistent

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  We are so confident that you will love this course, that if you try it and don’t love it, we will give you your money back up to 30 days from your purchase. (see terms and conditions for details)