She rank advanced to the second highest level in her company ONE YEAR EARLIER than I predicted she would…  

And she is here to share exactly how she did it with you.

I am so excited to share my interview with Roxy Saran with you today.  This is one of the MOST inspiring rank advancement stories I have witnessed.

Today Roxy will share exactly how she moved through some challenging times, persevered, and reached her rank goal.  It is such an honor to be a part of this interview and I know this will inspire and help you. To listen/watch or read the full interview CLICK HERE.

Some key take-aways from Roxy:

What advice do you have for people who are thinking about hitting their next big rank by their company’s convention?

  • Definitely write down your goal
  • Reverse engineer comparing right now to where you want to be, and find out where you need leaders.  That means you need new enrollments to have the opportunity to recruit from there.
  • Make sure you are having recruiting conversations in every single appointment you have.

I often hear people ask if they are a “bad leader” because some leaders decide the business isn’t for them and they decide to leave.  What are your thoughts on this?

  • Ultimately, some people will be in it for the long haul and others just for a short time and BOTH are ok.  For our leaders, we have created a space for people to come and say, “This is no longer my goal anymore,” or, “I am doing this more for your goal than for my goal,” …and we never want people to feel that way.  We want people fully engaged in their business for themselves.

Any key words of wisdom you would like to share with our audience?

  • Just keep going and do the things.  It’s not rocket science – talk to people, be a good human, help people.  But do it consistently and don’t stop.  Huge success equals  little successes every day.
  • Showing up every day even if you’re not feeling into it.  
  • Put programs in place that will take time and do all the nitty-gritty things to show your team that you CAN do it by stacking little wins together over time.  
  • Let people know they are part of a team and that everyone is valuable.

Thanks for reading today’s post. I hope this was so helpful for you!