“I was frazzled, overwhelmed, ready to quit the business and honestly felt like I was on an island”…

Have thoughts like these ever run through your mind?

Today I am excited to share how Kate Kuether went from saying those exact words to quadrupling her income and team enrollments.

As she stepped into her confidence she noticed that it radiated to others. As they saw her taking action and getting results, her belief transferred to others…  THEY started believing they could do it too. Watch/listen to this awesome interview HERE.

Top Tips from Kate from Kate

  • Decide if you want a business or if you want a hobby.  If you want a business, treat it as a business and set goals and track results.  People, myself included, say they want to hit those higher ranks, but no real decision is made to do anything to get there.  Decide that TODAY is Day One and I am going to start!
  • Once you set a goal, break it down so you understand the actions that you need to take to reach that goal.
  • Understanding these steps will lead you to understand how to help your team set their own goals with attainable tasks and steps.  That’s the biggest thing I tell my team now is that you have to decide what your goals are and how far you want to run with it.  I can’t decide that for you.
  • Be vulnerable and don’t hide behind your product on social media.  Shifting my strategy on social media to connect with my customers rather than just post stock photos of my products has brought so much joy and confidence. My posts now bring value to my customers .I have struggles of being a stay at home mom like everyone else does, I have crazy kids, too, and I share that nothing is perfect.  Not just the stock photos of my product.
  • Invest in yourself, your business and your team.  In deciding to treat my business as a business I made the decision to invest in myself with coaching, my business, and my team. I am motivated to work on getting results to get a return on my investment.

I really hope that this brought you a jolt of inspiration today.  And if you have been feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or frazzled… you can see the way up and out. 🙂

If you would like to connect to chat about how we can support you in investing in yourself, we would love to connect. Text “coachplease” (one word) to 44222.  One of our really nice sales and leadership coaches will reach out to you to chat about how to move your business forward.