“If you procrastinate on your revenue generating activities, your paycheck will procrastinate on you.” -Tasha

I know you are probably saying not nice words at me right now…

But we know this is the truth…

So today I am sharing my interview with one of our amazing Emerge coaches, Cassie Stutzman.  She is an expert in moving people out of overwhelm/procrastination and into action. Her productivity is close to nothing I have ever seen in all of my years of managing people.

Here are Cassie’s 3 steps that she uses to move from overwhelm to action… AND results.

Top Tips from Cassie

Overwhelm is typically caused by 2 things:

  • Constant learning with NO application of the learning.
  • Too many projects which causes”analysis paralysis” of “where do I even start!?”  Projects get done partially but NOTHING is fully completed.

To move out of overwhelm and distraction and into action follow these steps:

  • Think About Your Income or Rank Goal: Select  ONLY THREE 90 DAY GOALS that are revenue generating activities. (Examples include Overall Volume, Customer Retention, Enrollments, Coaching/Training team members, Recruiting)
  • Brain Dump at Least Once a Week: Schedule a set time each week to write down ALL of the ideas that you have that will help you achieve your 90 day goals.
  • Prioritize the Brain Dump:  Ask yourself “What is mission Critical?”  “What HAS to be done right now/today? What is next? Next? Next? Etc.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed or stuck in analysis paralysis, then I hope that you will take some time to go through these 3 steps.  You will be surprised at the clarity that will come so that you can move into action knowing exactly what to focus on.

If you would like to learn more about working with Cassie one on one, then simply text “coachplease” (all one word) to 44222.

Thanks for reading today’s post. Be sure to watch the entire video below!