Did you ever have a boyfriend or girlfriend run in the other direction because you reeked of desperation?

Or was I the only one??

Then I learned “The Four Man Plan”.  It literally changed EVERYTHING… and Charlie and I tied the knot a year and 8 days after our first date. 


Now, WHAT IF the SAME principles that apply to dating…also applied to recruiting team members?

What if a simple shift in your perception and strategy could attract builders because you were putting off a different vibe.

Well today, I am totally fan-girling because I am interviewing Cindy Lu, the author of “The Four Man Plan”.  She is going to share her wisdom on adapting the principles from her book to recruiting in your business.  

Some Key Take-Aways from Cindy:

Don’t Play Hard to Get…BE Hard to Get

  • A principle of the 4 man plan is to let the men know there are others. Immediately you become more desirable.
  • Recruiting is NO DIFFERENT.  If your recruit knows they are NOT the only person, and you approach them with a breezy attitude… they will really be able to think about it and make an authentic decision rather than instantly throwing up a wall because they sense your desperation.

Lead with what you have to offer 

  • When you believe, “You would be lucky to be with me,” you will present with your value.

Dragging people into your business creates co-dependency
Consider the questions, “Is this something I want?  Is this the person I want it with?”This will keep you from being desperate and trying to turn them into something they arenot ready for, were never interested in, or were hoping to pursue in a smaller way (but you scared the bejesus out of them by being too aggressive).  
“Have fun with life.  Life is meant to be fun.  If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.”

  • Most of all, relax. Have fun. Understand who you are in your business, what is your voice like, how are you going to want to interact, train, and mentor a team.  Once you understand this, you are more likely to find people who line up with you in that way.

Make sure to grab “The Four Man Plan” to get some more of these awesome gems from Cindy.

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