How in the world do you run a successful business when you have not just one job… but two?!

Well today Elizabeth Ross will share how she went from feeling like a crazy person who wasn’t doing any recruiting to successfully launching business builders WITH confidence.   Here are some highlights of what Elizabeth shared with me. Be sure to watch the entire interview below.

What was your network marketing business like before you started coaching?

  • Best way to describe it:  I was a crazy person
    • I wasn’t doing any recruiting
    • If someone asked me about the business by simply saying they wanted to know more, I would overwhelm them with info that included:
      • Lengthy emails, phone calls, or coffee dates for hours
      • I was telling them what to do, not asking them about their goals or what they wanted to do.
      • They either ran away or they crumbled because expectations were not clear.

After coaching on recruiting

  • My confidence increased
  • I figured out what my struggles were
  • I learned from hearing others on coaching calls that it was ok, I was not alone, and I am not a bad a leader as I thought or felt like I was.  I was able to see that other people at higher ranks were struggling with the same things I was
  • We don’t have to be stuck

Action steps I took to get unstuck as a leader

  • Hone in on when I was actually going to work on my business
  • The biggest change was making a manual on how to do the business explaining to people step-by-step what they can do

First builder launched with the new process and mindset

  • Before I had a training manual for new builders, I was constantly traveling and helping people teach classes
  • I asked permission to send people the training manual
    • First person with the new training manual enrolled 4 people on her own

How do you feel now about your future doing this business?

  • I feel like I can, and I can put in the hours where they are most useful.
  • It is possible to help others help others with their health, because I have empowered them.
    • I am no longer holding them back.
    • I had a near business-breakdown feeling like I can’t do this anymore, and just about threw in the towel.  Then I talked to Cassie (Emerge Sales and Leadership coach), who helped give me the option to leave it, or figure out a way to move forward.  
      • However, she didn’t tell me what to do, she didn’t say, “Suck it up, Buttercup!”  She said I can leave it, BUT…
      • You’re really good at this business.  You enjoy it, you should find a way to make it work.

Tasha:  It is honest.  There hasn’t been a day where I didn’t think about quitting.  

What are you going to do differently so you don’t feel that way again?

  • Be protective of my time with the business.

Last nugget for our audience?

Favorite thing I have discovered is math, even though that is not my favorite subject to teach.  Finding the math to my income, not necessarily to the next rank, but to the income and knowing how many classes I need to do because I know how many enrollments I can get is empowering.  Instead of woe-is-me feeling and wishing I made X amount a month, I know I need X amount of activity to reach X amount of income.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking the time to share about your business with our audience.  We hope this interview brought you a burst of hope and inspiration today.

If you are ready to take the next step to create a successful business that you love email or text “COACHPLEASE” all one word to 44222 and we would love to connect.