Have you ever felt nervous or awkward approaching people about your product?

If your answer is YES… then you aren’t alone.  And the really good news is that having the right words to say is something that you can learn.  So today, I want to share my interview with Emerge community member, Marci.

You will be able to see how she went from feeling uncomfortable talking to people about her product to having the right words to say.  I hope that this is super helpful for you today!

I know we have a lot of “readers in our audience, so I wanted to include the interview transcript below :).

T:  Hi Marci! Tell me what you need clarity on today?
M: I’m not sure what to say when I approach my warm market or acquaintances.  I’m 90 days in and I only have 7 people in my downline…who are just customers that have signed up to purchase the product.

T: Where do you want your business to go, if you knew what to do and were not afraid?
M: Signing up 20 people a month…I want healthcare, car, income – benefits received from the company for hitting a particular rank

T: So today you want to cover how to approach people you know, how to approach people you don’t know, and where to start?
M: Yes.  I feel like I had a strong launch, and most of it was me not stepping out of my comfort zone.  But I also feel like if I knew what to say or how to approach people, it wouldn’t feel so scary.

T: So here is the thing…what we actually want to do is expand your comfort zone…you don’t jump out of it.  I coach people inside their comfort zone so it stretches. Jumping out of your comfort zone causes feelings of awkwardness and inauthenticity.  So my goal is to help you find a type of person that you can reach out to, and I will find you an outline that will sit inside your comfort zone.

Because the best way to hit a goal is to take a goal that is outside the comfort zone and break it down to steps that are inside the comfort zone.
To hit your goal of signing up 20 people a month will require that you have to diversify your leads because nobody knows that many people to only invite your friends and family.

People casually sharing will invite people they know and make $2-300 a month.  It doesn’t take a lot of skill or focus. But if you want to run a successful network marketing business ($3-5000 a month), no business can operate solely on people they know.  If we take our income goals and put it on the backs of the people we know, it gets weird real fast.

6 ways network marketers generate leads

  1. People they know
  2. Referrals, or people hosting socials on your behalf
  3. Social media, which can just point to people you know depending on your strategy
  4. Networking groups or speaking events
  5. Vendor events
  6. Partnerships with professionals (chiropractors, massage therapists, etc)

Pick 2 of these 6 that you are going to focus on over the next 2-3 months as ways that you are going to get contacts.
M: I’d like to start with partnerships with professionals and social media

T: Why do most successful business owners start off with people they know?
M: We feel comfortable there and we know we can have their ear.

T: And if you mess up a bit, they are going to be more forgiving. 

M: I do feel like a hero with people I know, but I feel kinda funky with people I don’t know or don’t know well.

T: Which type of person would be the most helpful for me to help you reach out to?
M: Acquaintances, parents of the kids in my kids’ social activities that don’t run in the same circles but we know of one another even if we don’t know one another.

T: Would you rather invite them to a one-on-one appointment?  Or a social?

M: Probably a social

T: Have you had a birthday party for one of your kids?

M: Yes

T: How would you go about inviting a kid to your kid’s birthday party if you barely know their parents?
M: Send an invitation

T: What would the invitation say and what would the details be?

M: Date, time, location, what they should bring.

T: Do you think we can use a similar format for these people?
M: Probably

T: There is one really important thing that most people miss when inviting people.  It’s a technique that I call “Acknowledge the Awkward,” because it’s awkward to say, “Hi, person I don’t know.  This is awkward.” But there is also a reason you want to invite them. What is that reason?
M: Because I know either the product itself or the business opportunity has the potential to make a difference in their life.

T: What is the part that is awkward about it?
M: I think it is just the first look of “Why are you talking to me?”

T: What is the agenda for the social?
M: Company, products, business opportunity

T: How long will it take?
M: Roughly 45 minutes to an hour

T: Do they have to buy anything?
M: No

T: You’re not going to hold a gun to their head?

M: No, not the first time 🙂

T: Is it weird to go up to them because you don’t talk to them a lot?

M: Yes

T:Do you care that people are included?
M: Oh yeah!

T: Awesome- so what if we just said this:

“Hey, I know I don’t talk to you a lot but I don’t want you to feel left out.  This Saturday, I’m hosting a little social at my house to go over how _____ product works.  I know these products can make a really huge difference in people’s health and their kid’s health.  All we are going to do is go over your health goals, the products, and a little bit about the company.  You don’t have to get anything but if you see something you like I will help you order it. Is this something you would be open to?”
M: WOW! I love this so much.  It is not salesy or pushy.

T: The invitation follows a 5 step process:
1.Acknowledge the awkward

2.Give them a reason as to why you are inviting them, and an honest reason why

3.Give them the agenda so they don’t feel like they are going to be tricked into something

4.Remove pressure – “you don’t have to get anything, but if you see something you like, of course I,’ll help you order it” and this gives them power.

5.Ask for consent:  “Would you like to join?”  “Is that something you would be open to?”
Our job is to offer, their job is to decide. But you want to offer with skill and with them in mind.  If you don’t invite them, then they miss out on these opportunities.  But if you invite them by vomiting on them, then they miss out on these opportunities because they think you’re weird. 

T: What is your biggest take away?
M: Acknowledging the awkward.  Being brave enough to go and speak to someone I’m not familiar with is the biggest part of the problem for me. This has been so helpful! I feel like I can do this.

So there you have it.  🙂 Having the words to say and inviting people just like you would invite them to a party… using the words that feel good for you.  I hope this is an encouragement to you today.  

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