“I want to help my team be successful and I feel a huge responsibility to do that…I am just not quite sure how to help them. I don’t feel ‘qualified’ to be a leader.”

We hear things like this every day from our clients. And it can be so challenging when we have the desire to help our teams- but we feel like we just keep falling short. 

So today, I am excited to share my interview with Emerge Community member, Angie Asmann. In the past, she has had challenges knowing how to help her team be successful.  We work through some strategies she can use right away to help them and help her be more confident in her leadership skills.  

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

Angie:  I am a self-starter so I perceive others will be like that too.  I don’t reach out to them much unless they are reaching out to me for help which could be the first problem.

Tasha: The good news is we have a lot of places we can make adjustments.  🙂 The first encouragement I want to give you is that you don’t have to feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel.

First, we look at “What is the job in network marketing?”

  1. Sales – getting products to customers
  2. Helping people with the sales
  3. Developing leaders

It is really three different job descriptions, which means when you hit your latest rank… you are now a Sales Manager, Angie!  Congratulations! 🙂

This means you are in sales, in network marketing as a business, and your people are in sales. If your people are in sales and you get paid based on their production, then your profession is Sales Manager – Sales Manager of Independent Contractors.

The good news is that being a sales manager is a profession, which means there are structures already set up.

How does that feel, just reframing that?

Angie:  That feels better because I had the idea that network marketing was about a “volunteer army,” and the word volunteer got stuck in my head that would make me not want to manage my team.

Tasha:  What you are doing is coaching independent business owners no different than the way I am coaching you right now.

Next, we have to determine your role.

  1. Encourage
  2. Support skill development – “support” versus “be responsible for”
  3. Bring clarity

If they know how to do it and what to do, they have clarity and they will do better.

A:  That feels better

T:  Great.  What will help with structure is a Calibration Call that we would do every 90 days, which is something we cover in our Leadership course, Your Leadership Foundation, but I’ll give you the basics here.

  1. What is your profit goal?  (not your rank goal because they don’t rank at the grocery store, they only take money)
  2. What is your profit-actual?  (what are you actually bringing home after expenses?
  3. How do you feel about that?  (which can be different for different people)
  4. How many contacts do you have that you could reach out to?
  5. How many business builders are you actually coaching?
  6. How many hours per week do you have blocked off to work with your business?
  7. Skill assessment – have them evaluate how they are doing in each of the below areas:
    1. Time management
    2. Setting up appointments
    3. Closing
    4. Retention
    5. Recruiting and launching
    6. Referral generation

This assessment can help your team understand why they are not reaching their profit goals in a more analytical way rather than an emotional way of being asked by their leader, “What do you need?”  Because, I think, if people knew what they needed, they would ask. But most people don’t know what they don’t know.

I like to solve for skill first, because skill increases confidence, which increases action.  Now, if we increase their skill and they are still not in action, then we may have a clarity issue, like overwhelm.

So this conversation helps you get really calibrated with your team members on where they want to go, why it’s important to them, and what skills you may need to focus on.  Then after that you can offer to them and ask (depending on how much they’re working, usually 15 hours or more a week): “Would you be interested in meeting every other week and working on one thing that could move your business forward? If we worked onthis one skill would that be helpful to you?”

How do you think they would respond to that?

A:  I think that would definitely help.  For me it gives me some structure on what to talk to them about, how to coach them better, and will help them stay in the business.  Usually, by the time they come to me, they are frustrated.

T:  So that would be the Calibration Call.  We also have the Skill Development Call, the Goal Setting Call, and we have all the other coaching calls that go in between that we work through in our Leadership Foundation coaching program.

What are some of your takeaways?

A:  1. Leadership can be taught

  2.  I loved how you talked about being a Sales Manager.  I have never thought of it like that.  

  3.  Having the structure of the Calibration Call every 90 days with people interested in building a business.  That way it helps them, and they have told me where they are at and we are on the same page.

That way I am not expecting someone, who is only going to share with friends and family, to be making six figures.

I hope that this was helpful to you today! Leadership can be learned…and I hope that encourages you today.

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