Let’s have a heart to heart about what is “sales” and what kind of network marketer you are…

I hear from a lot of people, “We don’t sell…we just share.”

That’s ok… but often there is just too much drama around the idea of sales. We think we are resistant to “sales” but it may actually be something else.

When I’m coaching, I try to remove “the story” from whatever term we are using when we talk about sales. So let’s talk about sales in general and what it means to make sales.

The dictionary definition “to sell” is to exchange something for money. That’s it.

You do that in network marketing, right? Let’s not get dramatic about what selling is because we can make up all these things about what selling is or isn’t.

Here is the essence of a business and why it is ok to sell. In fact, all businesses do it.

  • Finding problems or goals that people have
  • Find a solution for the problem/goals
  • Exchange money for the solution
  • Sales person gets paid

The salesperson only gets paid if they help achieve the goal or a solution to the problem. People in sales are solution providers.

We are looking for problems that people don’t even know there are solutions for, and we set aside our ego for a while and reach out to people to invite them into a conversation to solve that problem.

I think it’s time we have a little more pride that sales are made in network marketing businesses, and this will make it easier for us to be proud about building our teams.

There are three different types of salespeople:

1. Used Car Salesman – this is who you probably think of when you think about salespeople.

They are selfish, manipulative, trying to make the sale at all cost, trying to hit their quota, pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do.?Every industry has bad actors in it, BUT it doesn’t mean everyone is the same way.

2.  Untrained Sales Person – They just don’t know what they are doing or saying.

This is the person who typically says, “I’m not a salesperson,” and they don’t pursue the skills of their trade. They are, however, still exchanging something for money, so they are in a bit of a pickle. They are in denial, but that doesn’t really change the fact that they are exchanging something for money.

They don’t have the communication skills necessary to listen, solve problems, propose solutions, and come to agreements. What they are left with are the high-pressure tactics that turn people off, because they don’t know any better and they end up looking like the first type of salesperson.

3. Trusted Advisor – They always tell the truth. They care more about the person they are serving than their sale. This, strangely, helps them make more sales. They are professional and ask the right questions. They are great listeners, and they create a clear, comfortable sales process.

Because their process is good and their skills are good, they never have to apply any pressure at all. They can be genuine because they are set up with good skills and processes.

The Trusted Advisor is the kind of salesperson I think we can be together as a community. We don’t have to walk away from the idea that we are salespeople, and we can lean into the fact that we exchange products for money. What do you think?

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