Have you ever run a coaching company?  Well…it’s really hard. While my company was growing I could coach, but I couldn’t think straight.  There were some really great things happening in my business life, but I ran into this thing called Imposter Syndrome.

Ever hear of it?

It’s this feeling that you are going to be found out to be a fraud, and I was convinced this was going to happen to me every day.  While Imposter Syndrome was running my life, I made a lot of mistakes in my business.

However, from a client perspective, everyone was awesome – everyone got what they needed, people were rank-advancing, students who were taking our sales course, Your Direct Sales Foundation, were growing their businesses…but I was terrified it was all going to fall apart.  I was sure everyone was going to find out I was a fraud, and it was really, really hard.

Then I got really sick.  I was on Prednisone, so Imposter Syndrome and Prednisone had a party that led to some decisions at the wrong time.  Our clients were doing well, but because of the bad decisions made at the wrong time, we lost a lot of money.

So much so that in 2018 there was a question if Emerge was going to survive.  That might seem crazy to those of you who have been around Emerge for a long time, but even earlier this year there were still question marks up in the air.

That being said, last gala we had 128 Emerge students walk.

I no longer feel like I have Imposter Syndrome, and I feel like we are out of the woods wondering if Emerge is going to survive.

When I picked the name Emerge, I picked it very intentionally.  If you’re familiar with the movie The Princess Bride, there is a scene where Westley is climbing the Cliffs of Insanity to get to the princess.  Indigo Montoya pulls him to the top.. this is what I always think of when I think of “emerging.”

That is what I wanted to do for people: I wanted to throw them a rope and pull them up. I thought I would be able to sit in my ivory tower, come down and throw someone a rope, pull them up and then we all go back to my ivory tower and celebrate.  And everything would be great…

But I think God had a different idea.  I think He wanted to see who else could I emerge; He wanted to see if I could emerge.

So here we are now and we have a bright future ahead of us and I’m really excited about the plans we have coming up.  So as I reflect on all that has transpired, I want to share with you some of the lessons that I learned this past year.

If you are reading this, I am going to assume that your calling is strong, that you know that this is what you are meant to be doing.  But then you may be “Wondering why do I keep getting kicked in the teeth?” I remember asking a client, “Where is God? This is so hard! He wants me to do this thing, but what’s going on?!” And she asked back, “What makes you think He’s not there?” I think these lessons were a part of what I needed to learn… what God needed to show me.  So here they are:

Even if it’s a great idea, it may not be a great idea right now

I made a lot of decisions out of fear.  Fear of missing out is a bad place to make decisions.  If your questions start with “Should I…?” it is probably a question based in fear.  I was so afraid of losing what I had built, I made my decisions from that place and tried to do all the things to fix them all at the same time. The question I learned to ask is:

What would a leader, who’s success is assured, decide?

Bet on yourself and your superpower

I did not know my superpower. I could see what other people could do really well, and I assumed that what I did everyone already know how to do and wondered if anyone would even want the training I had to offer.  However, our superpowers are intuitive to us, it is like breathing. I didn’t place a value on the skills I had to offer, because I assumed that others also knew what I did, so I said I would step back and hide. Other people on my team would be up front.

So earlier this year, I decided to come out of hiding and use my superpower, and it worked.

I tried to do all the things at the same time

This created a lot of chaos and craziness for my team.  I had to get really focused on what was most important. Lesson learned: list out all of the things that you want to do and rank your priorities. Everything doesn’t have to be done at once.  Progress in one area at a time is key.

Work to provide value, rather than prove your value

I realized I had been in a place of trying to prove my value. Sometimes we get caught up in “what do I have to offer and am I enough” rather than really looking at the person in front of us and helping them through their challenges. When we start to ask how can I provide value we come out of this place where it is about us.

Final thoughts…Your best is enough.  Just as much as all the motivation and inspiration is out there, fear, imposter syndrome, and the need to prove your value are too.  So I want you to know that your best is enough, and you will get better.

I am so grateful you are a part of our community here at Emerge.  We got you. If you need help figuring out the right next step for you, email to team@emergesalestraining.com and we will connect.

P.S.  Would you like to explore how to work with an Emerge coach one on one or in a small group? You can access all of the details HERE.

I am so grateful you are a part of our community here at Emerge.  We got you. If you need help figuring out the right next step for you, reply to this email and we will connect.


P.S.  Would you like to explore how to work with an Emerge coach one on one or in a small group? You can access all of the details HERE.

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