Have you reached out to some of your past customers and all you hear are crickets?

I get it…

In fact,  recently I had some coaching groups wrap up.  I messaged every single person in each of the four groups I coached to see how they were doing since their course ended. Guess what happened?

Over half of the people didn’t respond…at all. Did this affect me mentally?  Yes!

I got a request for a refund, I don’t think I made any sales, and I was thinking, “Do these people even know who I am?!?!”  To say the least, my ego got ahead of me a little bit.

I had to ask myself the question:  Was it worth it?

You can watch/listen HERE for the answer or keep reading below :).

This might be a question you ask yourself all the time, and my answer honestly is 100% yes!

Here are some reasons why:

I helped a long-time client of ours with a health issue.I helped someone else overcome a major case of Imposter Syndrome.I got some thank-yous in how much our coaching has been helping.I got a baby pic from one of our students who had a baby, and she is super cute.Some others said they would like to learn more, or they said they would like to come back around.
We need to remember in our small businesses that the way we compete with other businesses is by actually caring about our customers.  

Even though I didn’t get all positive responses, and in some cases no response at all, it was still the right thing to do. I was able to ask them if there is anything we can help them with because we are real humans on the other side working hard and caring about our clients’ results.

I also know that consistent effort made for 60-90 days always creates a huge pop.  It doesn’t happen in that same instant. It is going to require consistency and effort over and over and over again.

There is another reason that I think it is worth it (leaders, listen up!):  it is good role-modeling. As leaders, so much of what we do is lead by example.  We set a goal, go after it, fail, win, and live to tell the story. I cannot, with integrity, tell my clients to follow up with their customers, if I never do.

You may be asking, “How much volume is it really going to add right now if I follow up with all these people?”

Honestly, I don’t know, but is that the point?  Because if you show people that you care about them, it will impact your business long-term if you do it consistently.  It will also inspire your team to do the things they need to do, and for them, the volume may really, really matter.

I want to encourage you to take 5 minutes to shoot 10 messages out after you watch/listen to this.  Just a simple, “Hey, I’ve been thinking about you. How are you doing since we last spoke?” Not because you are trying to sell something, but because you actually care.

I promise you something good is going to happen, and I can’t wait to hear how it went.

Have a great day, and I hope you find this helpful.  

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