Are you or your team members feeling more bothered by a “no thanks” than you used to be? In fact, it may even be sending you spiraling to hear those words. 

I want to assure you that this is normal given everything that is happening in the world.  Right now questions and concerns are pouring in from clients like: 

  •    I’m not sure what to do because no one is wanting to spend money
  •    What do I say when everyone is losing their job?
  •    Sharing the business opportunity hasn’t been successful as people don’t have money to spare with all of the layoffs happening.

In this video I will share some solutions with you that I hope you find really, really helpful.  (you can also find out why I have my hood on today 😆).

These questions are pouring in whenever I do a Q&A in our membership group or one of our free groups:

-My team is experiencing no one wanting to spend money

-What do I say when everyone is losing their job

-Sharing the business opportunity hasn’t been successful as people don’t have money to spare with layoffis.

This is paralyzing people – it happened to me as well regarding our membership group with emails saying I can’t spare $47 a month.  I started to rethink everything, and I have been coaching on this concept every single day.

People who used to be resilient, not bothered by “no thanks”, are spiraling.  Why? And how can we bounce back each day. It feels heavy.

If you are feeling this way, I want you to know that it is normal.  I don’t want to add any shame upon discouragement. I do want to share some solutions for you that I hope you find really, really helpful.  

First thing I want to share is some research on positive things versus negative.  Research by John Gottman regarding married couples.  Here is what they found:

-For every negative interaction, you need 5 positive interactions to combat it

-Trauma has a similar effect

-So we need a 5:1 positivity ratio to counter-balance negative interactions.  Hopefully my husband is watching this and will use this when scolding the kids, and I can take my own advice when scolding him for scolding the kids :).  

Stories stick!  Our mind attaches to stories we hear or read.  A grueling detailed story has emotional attachment, so it sticks.  Need 5 positive emotional stories. The problem: Are the people who are doing well telling emotionally charged stories?  NO.

So now our brain is working against us, extrapolating meaning and applying it.

I’m not suggesting everything is ok.  It’s not ok. I’m suggesting that your brain/heart are playing tricks on you, making each “no thanks” harder.


  1. Best defense is a good offense.
    -Turn up your journaling of “good news”.  Fill out your impact journal with the impacts you made through the day
    -2 people canceled versus 12 orders processed
    -3 things you are grateful for
  2. Reset success expectations
    -Target market has shrunk
    -As of today 14.7% unemployment, so out of 100 people, 85 are employed
    -A generalized approach will have less targets to hit.  Try a sniper approach versus a general approach
  3. Connections – don’t only check in on those struggling – their stories will stick.  Also connect with people who are doing well and coax their positive stories out of them.
  4. Don’t discount or withdraw – philanthropy if necessary.  Stay in business.
    -If you are finding yourself stuck, I want to encourage you with this thought:  Helping someone else is the fastest way out of worry.

Our discomfort with “I don’t want to spend money” will prevent us from finding the people who want solutions.  It’s critical as always to put our customers’ problems, needs, and goals first, so if you haven’t downloaded a free copy of my new book Customer First… you can do so at

P.S. Next week I am starting a small group (no more than 10 people) in a social media coaching program.  If you are tired of feeling like you have to scroll all day, post 10 selfies a day, or use graphics that get 1 like, we will be creating a personalized posting strategy for you. We will meet 2x per week instead of 1x because I know we don’t have time to waste right now. Reply if you would like more details. I would love to connect.