Watch this if you want to spend less time on social media and get more results from it…

Imagine being able to engage with people on social media without feeling like a spammy weirdo using the perfect strategy made just for YOU.

Are you wondering what is covered in this mastermind?

Week 1

Keys to Attracting Customers/Builders With Your Profile


Week 2

Social Media Time Management & Organization


Week 3

Writing Engaging Posts (Get 100 + Comments a Week)

Week 4

How to Add Value and Create Action

Week 5

Implementation Week0 Get Unstuck


Week 6

Messenger Conversations That Are Genuine (and Not Weird)

Week 7

Finding New Friends and Connections

Week 8

Success With Consistency

This is for you if…


You are done with struggling to know what to post on social media


You are committed to making your social media work more efficiently while positively impacting customers' lives


You want to improve in the basic skills of connecting with people online so you can earn more money with the time you are spending


You have a love-hate relationship with social media


All the "social media tactics" are swirling in your head and you want to start but want to do so in a way that is authentic


You don't want to 'stalk' people and want to spend more time having meaningful conversations where people are reaching out to you!

Here’s what other network marketers are saying about the Social Media Mastermind:

Since taking the mastermind

I have experienced increased confidence and a huge shift in mindset. I recommend this because it isn’t just successful in boosting your social media engagements, it helped me learn about, and feel better about, myself.


Facebook is….fun? When did that happen?! So glad I took this course!

I have found that it is simple

to think about a “boring day” and come up with 3 to 5 different types of posts that are authentically me! These also allow me to engage with others beyond the reactions! Tasha really helps each person find success and actually enjoy social media!

Take a Minute to Imagine the Following


Spending tiny pockets of time planning what to post, and watching people comment and engage consistently


Knowing exactly what to say/do with a person when they show interest, and how to build value so they want to talk about your business with you


Ditching endless follow-up and awkwardness


Leaving your social media mistakes in the past where they belong and having the confidence to move forward


Staying consistent no matter what obstacles came in your way because you have clarity


Enjoying meeting new people on social media because you know what to do & how to do it

How is this different than all of the other masterminds out there promising to give you the secret to social media success?

When you choose the mastermind option, not only will you have instant access to start watching the training videos…You will have REAL TIME coaching support so that you can skyrocket your success.  


Here is what you will get….

INSTANT access to your online training

LIVE weekly coaching calls with Tasha Smith, Emerge Founder & Author of “Customer First” 

BONUS Q & A time at the end of each coaching call so that you can get asnwers for your questions

EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you can ask questions between calls, be encouraged, have accountability, and get feedback

ACTION LISTS so you know exactly what to do to master social media and more your business forward without confusion.

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Want a 1-day Intensive?

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Rather than 8 weeks of group coaching, this is a 1-day intensive that gives you all the same content. 

Why We Created This Mastermind


If you need to sell to feed your family, we are here to help you- today’s network marketer can’t afford to ignore social media


No one has taught most people the foundation of communicating with people online, and it’s sucking the joy out of people’s businesses


Many network marketers are traumatized by other spammy network marketers, and this makes them overly cautious and confused about how to promote their business while maintaining a positive reputation


Real talk + effective and easy to follow strategy + action = breakthrough without chaos


A system is a set of organized processes which gets consistent outcomes


Accountability and momentum of a group also working hard to be consistent


Ditch endless follow-up, awkwardness, and "hey girl" messages that turn people off

200 Percent  Money Back Guarantee

We have a 200% money-back guarantee. Yep you read that right. If you implement everything in the mastermind and don’t see an improvement in 90 days we will not only refund you, but double your money back. (see terms and conditions for details)