Our students are having big #wins!

First survey results are in!!!

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Student Enrollment Increase

In April of 2017 we conducted a survey of our former and current students that participated in Your Direct Sales Foundation Group Coaching.  We asked them what their enrollments were 2 months prior to the program, 2 months during the program, and 2 months after the program.  The results from the survey came back with a 268% increase from enrollments 2 months prior to the 2 months during the program.  Now that’s crazy awesome.

We asked our students what else we need to know about their results…these quotes are direct from both brand new business builders and top leaders!

I went from a close rate in the 40% to one at about 85%.  I learned how to EASILY train my team to do the same.  I don’t have all the numbers in this, because the % is what I was tracking.  I gained confidence and I stopped being the “crazy oil stalker” at parties and walking my kids to school.

So many things! This program has changed my life and my team. It’s helped me simplify the process of launching new leaders. It’s so simple and duplicatable and FUN! I became so much better at selling the oils and I put myself through the training to really help me learn the right skills to sell essential oils. I was so overwhelmed with what direction to take my team and then Emerge fell on my lap. I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful training and the hands on approach that Emerge brings to us Wellness Advocates. My teams growth is increasing and many stagnant builders are back in the game!

Confidence in sharing the simplicity of the oils and products.  New team members “on boarded” so smoothly!  Way less confusion at classes with multiple people.

Simplified the way I teach. Improved my closing percentage and average sale.  I stopped spinning my wheels by sampling and following up.  I just focused on setting sales appointments and more consistently performing wellness consults and bringing up the business.  I have launched more people into the business and have a drastically improved personal retention rate.

Confidence.  Less money spent on business supplies so increasing my profits.  Focusing on customers’ needs far more than my goals.

Had several business builder prospects and closed and launched 3 in the last month.  Also revamped my training and coaching skills with my current builders and using the Emerge format and saw an increase in their sales results and their comfort level in setting apointments and closing.

I love my business again.  Confidence and enjoyment doing the business again!  Happy Customers.  3 potential builders and 5 builders ready to do the business again with new Emerge training.

Simple and easy to use duplication and training process.

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