Advancing 4 ranks in 4 months….. WHAAT?!?

Today I am thrilled to share how my client Amy was able to do this…

But it wasn’t always easy for her.  She initially made some really great headway in her business and then she got STUCK.   

Today she will share 3 keys that helped her get out of the rut and fast track her business.

Here is a re-cap of the 3 keys that Amy shared today:

  1. Learning time management and how to have dedicated work hours.
  • Time blocking out personal and work hours and keeping it consistent.
  • Being protective of the time blocks so that work doesn’t spill into all hours of the day. Not only does this help you keep your sanity, but it helps you serve your customers better.
  1. The second tip that was a game changer for Amy was just being intentional about reaching out to potential customers.  For many years she avoided picking up the phone.

The shift came with taking action and doing the hard things, even when she didn’t want to. She prepared herself for taking action by having clear outlines of what she wanted to say.

  1. The third tip is implementing things and then training on those things.

Amy shared that  investing in her own learning and then taking action to implement the things that she learned was crucial to her success You actually have to keep doing the things yourself, make them your own and digest them in order to really walk with somebody through that.

In my opinion. I had a team of people that were like me and they just needed the skill sets to, so again, learning that enabled me to teach them, to walk with them through it, through that same process so they could feel empowered, they could get unstuck and like they had some new tools in their tool belt to charge forward.

The last thing Amy wanted to share if you feel like you’re stuck there’s always hope, skill up and try new things, get uncomfortable and keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading today’s post!

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