Today we are going to chat about how having a clear definition of success is critical for squashing the negative voices in our heads.

What makes this question of “Am I doing a good job” difficult as entrepreneurs is that most of us were socialized in a school system or work system where our teachers, boss, or parents, said, “Show up this time.” “Here is exactly what you do” And here’s how you know if you’ve done a good job.”

And then we go into entrepreneurship and it’s like the wild, wild west, right?

Part of the problem is we want it both ways… We want to have structure, routine, and stability…but then we want to be able to change it all the time based on what’s happening in our lives and based on our feelings. That creates a conflict within us that is pretty difficult. I’m going to pose a couple of ideas here that I think will really help to answer the question, “Am I making progress?”

1. Have a place where you’re tracking progress. I’m not talking about just your rank goal. I do think it’s helpful to track your rank goal, but I also think it’s really helpful to track the things that you are doing in your business on a daily or weekly basis. Are you tracking your wins and successes? Are you tracking the things that you are doing to make your business better that are going to turn into sales and team members in 90 days? Are you tracking your resilience?

We have a tendency to forget what we should remember and remember what we should forget. We also have a tendency to focus on everything that is going wrong in our lives and in our business. As entrepreneurs, we don’t have our teachers, our parents, or our employers saying, “Good job, here’s your cookie, good job, here’s your cookie.” It’s actually our job to say, “Good job. Here’s your cookie.” And that’s how a career is built.

2. What am I focusing on? When we look at the network marketing business, we start off needing to have connections. So we make connections or reconnections. And then some of those people we invite to look at the products during a sales conversation. From there, they can go one of two ways, maybe into a business conversation where hopefully they become a builder or they go into what our clients use, a wishlist appointment. And then they go on to a nurture and follow-up process. So this is the process that we go through.

And if you have a small, medium, or large team, we’re going to add in mentoring, mass communication, and events. Not only are you still connecting and inviting to show them the products, but you’re also doing mentoring, mass communication, and events. It can become very hard to focus and you start to feel like your brain just hurts all of the time and feels super scattered. So what do we think is the answer here? The first answer is to assign time to each of these activities.

EXAMPLE: I’m going to spend at least an hour a week making new connections or I’m going to spend at least three hours a week making new connections. Put in your calendar so you have a set time to do that activity and you create a specific focus for yourself.

The second answer is to make sure you have a process, a way of doing it. This is going to eliminate all of the scattered where you are trying to figure out what you need to do.

I hope one or both of these ideas were helpful for you today!

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