On the podcast today, meet one of our most endearing students, Ellen Philbin. Ellen has doubled her business since January, loves her business, and is helping her team do really well. Listen in as she talked about how she increased her commissions by 20%, how she worked with one of her dearest friends to bring her back into the business and double rank advance in one month, and how she overcame her fears in her business so she loves it again. Ellen is only in the beginning of her sales journey and I know this podcast will resonate for those of you trying to do a jumpstart on your fledgling business and are wondering if you actually can.

The next workshop is the Sales Leadership Workshop

If you want to lead your team to help drive more sales and make more money, then join us June 17th at 8:00 am PST! (This live call will be recorded and available with lifetime access to all registrants).¬†We’re going to talk about how to run effective 1-on-1s where your team member has clear goals, has buy-in to the solution you have made together, and actually does the stuff. It’s $27, register at emergesalestraining.com/salesleadership because we need to help your team to do well.