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Let’s walk through your customer’s journey. Today I will give you an overview of what needs to happen, and when. The goal of this episode is to give you a bird’s eye view on getting new customers and retaining them. This specifically covers the customer journey, and I’ll let you decide on where it makes sense to plug in your conversation about joining your team as an associate. Here goes…

Step 1: Potential customer learns that you are doing this as your business. You explain an abbreviated version of your company story, and offer an appointment if this something they would like to learn more about. Let them know what you will cover, and how long it will take. You can schedule this appointment over the phone, or in-person. Get them on the schedule within three days to decrease reschedules.

Step 2: This is the sales conversation. You will learn about their goals as they relate to your product, explain the full version of your company story (episode 19), your product offerings and how they help them, and the closing process. (Episode 21). This is where you will want to present buying options until they decide to purchase something. Fill out the order. Do not wait until later to do this.

Step 3: Schedule the follow-up appointment. At the end of the sales conversation, after filling out the order, set up a time for a follow-up appointment about one week out. This should be after the date their products arrive, but no more than three days after the products arrive if you can help it. In this appointment, you will further share with them products that meet their health goals and make a sort of wish list. In your first appointment you should have given your basic product offerings. Now you can be more specific. You will walk them through getting in their website, and explain how to get the best discounts on their orders. They didn’t retain this information in your first appointment if you covered it. This is also where you will learn about people that have come up in their mind that would be a good fit for this product and you can discuss referrals or sharing the products. You can also go over a very simplified compensation plan so they would understand if they choose to share with a few people how that would work, and be informed enough to see if they want to try their own business. This is really going to help set up a foundation for repeat sales.

Step 4: Educate them moving forward. You likely have a lot of things for customers to know to maximize the benefits of your product line. Think about all the tidbits of information you have learned by living and breathing your product for as long as you have. Now you need to figure out a way to do a couple of things: make sure they are using the products they have and make sure they learn about other products. This is important because remember your mission is to help people solve their problems. If they don’t use what they bought, they aren’t solving the problem. If they only know about what they remember from your initial presentation, they won’t be able to solve other problems that come up. A really simple idea that I know I would love to have from my direct sales reps just as a user is a weekly email tip. One tip with a clear feature and benefit. Not a full promo, people get sick of that. No need for pictures. So let’s say you are selling essential oils. You can send an email simply sharing, “Hey, here is a great recipe for aching muscles… Enjoy!” The more educated your customer is, the more they will know how to solve their problems and reorder. If you are going to do this strategy, you need to use an email service provider so there is an unsubscribe button. And I would definitely give your customers a head’s up that this will be coming so it’s not just out of the blue.

Step 5: Care about their goals. Earlier in your sales process you learned about their goals. Check in and see how things are going towards those goals, whether or not they are ordering. Ask if their goals have changed. Ask about their family and their job. Share with them that you don’t want to make any assumptions, and you ask everyone if they would like to learn about how to earn some extra income sharing the product casually or with a little gusto. If you have done a good job with the previous steps, you should have a pretty solid relationship and they will be glad to hear from you.

Let’s recap. First, your customer learns about your business and you offer an appointment, which you complete within three days. Second, you complete a presentation and they place their first order. Third, within a week you complete a follow-up appointment so they know how and what to order moving forward. Fourth, you build a system for educating them. Fifth, check in on their goals every once in a while and see how they are doing. That is the sales process and your customer’s journey. Go through this process with each customer, and watch your retention rates and reorder rates improve drastically. Have a great week, and I can’t wait to chat with you next week!