Hello, this is Cassie Stutzman and today we are going to talk about being productive versus being busy and what that looks like for you.  After reading this post you will be able to reach your goals faster and stop feeling overwhelmed with all the things.


Why is this important?


I just had a coaching on my “coaching superpower” and realized that not everyone can just bust through 100 calls in a day. And just me saying that might make your stomach drop a little bit.


The problem is that if we are always learning and not moving into action, learning isn’t going to help us, help more customers, or our team.


In fact, most of our students or potential students started their network marketing business for freedom but let’s be real. Sometimes the overwhelm feels more like a prison.


Today we are going to talk about how to cut through the overwhelm and move into action.


Before we go over the steps, let’s first go over what the difference is between being busy and being productive.


The definition of being busy is “actively and attentively engaged in work”.  


There is a quote by Henry David Thoreau that says, “It is not enough to be busy.  So are the ants. The question is:  What are we busy about?”


The definition of being productive is “having the power of producing; generative; creative”


Being busy means doing stuff, Being productive means getting stuff done!


What are the steps to take and how to implement?


So, let’s go over how to get STUFF done:


Step 1:  Begin with the end in Mind

  • What result do you want?  


Step 2:  Make a list including 3-5 goals that you want to accomplish for that day


Example Goals:

  • Make 100 calls
      • Call current customers
      • Call new customers
      • Call potential builders/current builders
  • Schedule 2 revenue generating activities


Step 3:  Start with the hardest task first

  • How to figure out what the hardest task is and do that first?
    • Which task do you dread doing? (but that moves your business forward)


Step 4:  Begin and use a timer.

  • Where to find a timer?
    • Clock, set an alarm, use smart phone
    • Start with 25 minutes or 60 minutes? Find the amount of time that you can stay focused for. Start small if necessary.
    • If you can only focus for 2 minutes, set the timer for 10. If you currently focus for 20 minutes, up it to 30.

Step 5:  Track your progress

  • How to track your progress?
    • Keep a tally of how many phone calls you make
    • Use your sales tracker
    • Cross things off on your list as you complete them


But let’s be real, distractions exist. The most productive people create a workspace that eliminates distraction. First, be aware of the things that can get you derailed from being productive

  • Distractions – FB, email, phone, bouncing back and forth from one thing to another, not having a plan
  • Feelings/Emotions/Fear
  • Overwhelm


So if you find yourself distracted- move the distractions to a different room. Turning off notifications, hide distractions, separate workspace


  • If you find yourself stuck, feeling overwhelmed, or distracted then STOP and go back to the 5 daily steps and start over.  I promise you if you can have the end goal in mind, have 3-5 things you want to get done each day, do the hardest task first, use a timer, and track your progress those feelings of overwhelm or fear will go away and you will GET STUFF DONE!


Thank you so much for reading today’s post. To sign up for one of our free trainings on closing, recruiting or leadership, go to emergesalestraining.com/freetraining.


Have a great day!



You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

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