Reaching the next rank goal is hard enough so why do we make it worse by adding impossible pressure to the equation?


I recently read that when we are in a state of stress, we move back into our habits. And the goal of reaching a rank goal by the end of the month is typically a high state of stress.


Here is my tip: stop it. Ok that is probably confusing. Stop trying to reach your next rank goal. Ok, that was even more confusing.


How about this instead? Focus on reaching your current rank as fast as possible.


I get to work with some amazing, highly motivated clients. They are achievers working their tail off to reach the next rank. They make themselves, and their team crazy in the process.


I am reminded of a tip I heard at one of my client’s trainings a while ago.


When you are reaching your current rank by the 15th of the month, that is the time to push for the next rank.


This means my mental hack to achieving the next rank is to focus all of your energy on reaching the current rank by the 15th of the month.




How does this work?

  1. Look at your current rank. What day of the month do you typically reach it? The last day? Ok cool! Next month’s goal is to reach it by the 25th. Then the 20th. Then the 15th. Once you hit the rank by the 15th 2-3 times, it’s time to charge ahead to the next rank.  
  2. Work with each team member to get excited about reaching their rank goal by the 15th. They will start enjoying their business more because they will feel successful. Even if they miss that goal and reach by the 20th, you aren’t all stressing on the 30th. Nobody wants to run a business like that.  


Why does this work?

  1. You are focused on something you already know how to do and are then harnessing momentum.
  2. There is significant research that shows that it is your process for winning that is more responsibly for winning than the actual goal.
  3. It front loads your effort to the beginning of the month, increasing your confidence for the last half of the month.
  4. It allows you better information to know if your team members will be in a situation to reach the new rank required.
  5. Once you hit the rank by the 15th, you will feel accomplished as you go for a more challenging goal. You are already winning and this leads to more winning.
  6. Since you are already winning, you are having more fun. People that are having fun sell more. People who are stressed out make customers feel weird.


I know many of you are excited about closing out the year to reach a new rank. So let’s knock your current rank out by the 15th and then get to work on the next rank. You can do it!


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