We all have those people on our team that we know can do more, be more, accomplish more. Sometimes they can get in a rut though. They are performing consistently and doing a pretty good job, but something inside of you is screaming. YOU CAN DO MORE!

So how do you do this without being a jerk? We want to have our team members operate within THEIR goals, but what if they are selling themselves short??  Keep on reading so we can talk about this or listen to the podcast here.

Well… let’s start by revisiting what a clear definition of success is for our role as a leader.  Ultimately our role is to encourage them, support skill development, and provide clarity. Sometimes, this is encouraging them to go to the next level, do something out of their comfort zone, or set a higher goal.

So one of my sales people (back in my corporate days) was averaging 8-10 sales per month.  This was hitting her goals. The thing is I knew that she was capable of more. So I walked through the below steps and she set a goal to have 20 sales and ended with 31. It’s amazing what talented people can do when they push themselves and believe in themselves.

Let’s walk through the steps that I used with her:

Step 1. Have you ever thought of …..?

Step 2. I think you could do this because… (character traits and evidence of past accomplishments).

Step 3. If you were to do this, what do you think it would take?

Step 4. What obstacles do you think might get in your way to accomplish that?

Step 5. Do you think you would like to give it a shot?

Step 6. Would it be helpful to set out some initial action items that will move toward it?

Now you might be wondering when to use this coaching technique.  Use this:

  • To reach a goal that will support their rank advancement, not the actual rank advancement
  • When they have the skill set and contacts to reach a higher level
  • There are no other major life stressors. Most people can only handle one major change at a time, and this would be a change in habits and behaviors.
  • They have been having relatively consistent performance
  • You can honestly list character and accomplishment evidence. And mean it.

When NOT to use this coaching technique:

  • You think they are lame and you are frustrated.
  • You are making a push.
  • They are trying to master a basic skill.

What do you do if they DON’T want to give it a shot?

You say, “no problem. Just keep it in mind for the future. And if you do ever want to do it, let me know I will be glad to support and encourage you.”  You have now shown them that you believe in them, you aren’t pushing them to do something they aren’t ready for, but you WILL be there when they are.

Sometimes my coach will challenge me to take a step and it takes me MONTHS to be ready… but I always remember her encouragement and belief in me.  So don’t get down if the time isn’t now. Your belief may just help them months down the line.

I hope that this was helpful for you today!