Do you ever feel like your sales conversation is overly complicated?

You start to see a glazed over look from your customers…. And so you talk faster and faster….

And give more and more information to try and hook them in.

The end of the appointment comes and you are exhausted and they are confused.

Well the good news is that we CAN have a simple sales conversation that will engage our customers… AND get our awesome products in their hands quickly.

It’s so easy that my 6 year old can do it. Their conversation is below, or  you can watch/listen here!

Haley:  Today we’re going to talk about what’s important to you when it comes to toys, a little about Pokemon, and the most popular package. You don’t have to buy anything but if you see something you like, I will help you order it today. How does that sound?

Zoey:  Good.

Haley:  What kind of things do you want to learn about?

Zoey:  Um, I would like to learn about Pokemon.

Haley:   When it comes to the toys you play with, what kinds of things are important to you?

Zoey:   What my sister likes.

H:  What else?

Z:  That they’re cute and have lots of action.

H:  What do you already know about Pokemon?

Z: That they look different and sound different.

H:  Kids turn to Pokemon one, they like cool toys, they don’t have a lot of room for big toys. They like cute things and action. Pokemon has stuffed animals, cards, games, toys, and shows. What makes Pokemon different than other toys is they are cool, they look cool, they have cool moves, there are over 850 characters, they are cute and fierce, they do really cool action instead of just walking around. The reason I decided to do this business is that I want to create a team of people that helps kids have fun and learn about new things. If you would also like to learn about how you earn money with Pokemon just let me know and we can set up time to go back but for now let’s just talk about toys. The first thing in your package is cards. Have you ever wanted to play something fun with your little sister or friends?

Z:  Yes.

H:  This is what you will use for that. You set everything up and you choose which attack you use in your battle. You use the move and then damage the other person’s Pokemon. And that’s how you win. It’s really fun. How does that sound?

Z:  That sounds great.

H:  The second thing you have in your package is the book. Earlier you mentioned you also like to learn when you play, this is a way you can learn about all the different Pokemon and learn their moves to get better when you play with the cards. How does that sound?

Z: Sounds great.

H:  The third thing you have in your package is a stuffed animal. Would you look up to battling with seahorse at something cut to cuddle?

Z:  Yes.

H:  This is when you use to cuddle when you sleep. You can choose your favorite character.

Z:  This one.

H:  How does that sound?

Z:  It sounds awesome.

H:  Let me show you what comes in the packages. The cool kit comes with 100 cards and one book. To learn about the Pokemon, to learn about the Pokemon and it’s 50. The super cool kit comes with 100 cards, one book, and a stuffed animal. It’s 75. Which one do you continually want? Which one will you prefer? Let me talk, okay.

Z:  I would prefer the super cool kit.

H:  Let me tell you about our special. If you order one of these packages today I will give you a carrying case for your cards for free. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask you this question. Would you like to get the super cool kit and the carrying case for free?

Z:  Let me go talk to my mom.

H:  Okay, no problem. Okay no problem just so we are on the same page, how do you feel about the toys?

Z:  Um, good.

H:  So, so it’s just that you can’t spend that much without your mom? Would it be helpful if I show you some smaller packages?

Z:  Yes.

H:  The awesome kit comes with 50 cards and one book. You can get with or without the stuffed animal. Without the stuffed animal, it’s 25. With the stuffed animal it’s 50. Either of those would work better for you?

Z:  I’ll have the one without the stuffed animal and get the stuffed animal later.

H:  Yes.

Tasha as the [Camera Woman] Awesome job, Haley, you made a sale!

H:  Yay!

Tasha [Camera Woman] Good job! Thanks guys. Thank you, Zoey, for being an awesome customer. Haley, you did such a great job! Good job. Okay, say bye bye.

Haley and Zoey:  Bye!

Tasha [Camera Woman]:  Do you think that the people watching this video, they could do a sales presentation like that too?

If they have the toys.

Tasha, Camera Woman]:  If they have the toys, okay. How old are you?

Haley:  Six.

Tasha [Camera Woman] Six. Awesome job. How old are you?

Zoey:   Eight.

Tasha [Camera Woman] K, and the six year old just sold the eight year old some toys.

I hope that this was helpful for you today.