I teach people how to sell. A lot of the work is around how to communicate to build value, how to make the closing process easy and effective, and overcoming mindset shifts that make people feel guilty about selling. 

Recently, my coach recommended a book called “Fix This Next” that asked me a simple, direct question, and I’m going to ask you today.

Well, the first (not as profound question) was, “Do you know your needed sales to support your lifestyle?” I did.

The next question, “Do you generate enough new prospects to support your needed sales?” Oof. The book then said, “if the answer is no, stop reading. Fix that next. Once you are done, you can fix the next thing on the list.” 

We applied this concept to our coaching practice and the focus helped us to ensure we did in fact answer the question a few months later with a “yes.” 

So now I have the same question for the network marketers we coach. “Do you generate enough new prospects to support your needed sales?” 

Here is where we are going to get into some real talk. And this conversation is only for people who have a goal to earn significant income in your business. 

I calculate that a network marketer must meet between 30-60 new people per month to consistently enroll (after 2-3 months) 5-10 people per month. This is the amount of networking and enrolling that is the first step toward growth. 

Every new person you meet though is not a prospect. A prospect is someone who is at least somewhat interested in what you have to offer. Here is the breakdown. But you need connections in order to turn into prospects. This is sort of like how not everyone in my FB group is a prospect, but the people who attend webinars or 1-on-1 appointments are…

50 new connections in a month

20 of them get invited to a 1-on-1 conversation based on their situation, or you invite them to an event. 

7 of them say yes to a 1-on-1. 7 of them say yes to an event.

10 of those people enroll or buy products. 

The cycle continues. 

If you think that’s a lot, take a deep breath, I have some strategies for you. Each of these can be online or in-person. With intention and commitment, any of these can eventually create prospects for your business. Remember, you are a networker.

  1. Reconnect with people you know. This is typically the only strategy that a lot of people are exposed to. But this is only going to work in the initial phases of your business, it’s basically your grand opening. If you feel like making sure all your sales come from people you know puts too much pressure on your relationships, you are right. This will be a part of it, but isn’t going to cut it for your entire duration of your business.
  2. New hobbies, AKA get a life. Isn’t it cool that I’m telling you to spend more time on your hobbies? When I play with a different team in a hockey tournament, I make 12 more friends. Picking up that hobby you have always wanted to do will be great for your soul, and also will add to your network.
  3. Referrals, 3rd party connections. This is where a customer or someone you already have a relationship with connects you personally with someone else. Score!
  4. Hosts/hostesses. This is where a customer or someone you already know says “yes” to inviting their own network to an event you conduct. Then you go over the products/business and people that want to move forward will buy or enroll. One event would mean you would not only meet the 5 who attend, but also you can reach out to the other 10 that were invited but couldn’t come. 
  5. Vendor events, farmer’s markets, expos. While many of these types of events are only in-person, some vendor events are hosted online. This is a great way to meet 10-20 people in one day.
  6. Business networking groups. Many of our clients are part of BNI chapters where small business owners collaborate on how they can support each other’s businesses. I used to a part of an Ewoman’s chapter that was amazing. There are online networking groups as well. Each group could give you 4-5 quality “new friends” per month.
  7. Speaking events. Maybe you have a topic that you are an expert in. One of my clients is very knowledgeable in mental illness issues and trauma. If she does a small speaking event at a school she is not only winning over the school staff by being helpful (5 new friends), but also the PTA members that attend.
  8. Partnerships with local businesses. One of my clients is well connected in the medical community. So she helps other doctors integrate the network marketing products into their practices. Sometimes they will host an event for her, sometimes they will refer, and sometimes they will do the enrolling themselves.

As I tell you these methods, you are probably thinking that there is no way you could do all of them. I agree. The best way to do it is to choose 3 strategies to master and put intention behind. The first should be to continue to serve the people you know. I think that’s an ethics thing. The other 2 strategies are the ones I mentioned that sound the most exciting to you. Set some goals around how many people you want to meet and work consistently in one strategy for 90 days. Once that one feels more consistent and you get your bearings, you can add another one. It’s likely that hosts/hostesses will always be a part of your business too because that creates duplication as well as new customers for you, depending on the involvement and excitement of the host. 

Choosing a clear process to answer the question, “Do you generate enough new prospects to support your needed sales?”  will ensure you won’t be salesy, you will make money, and you will be in the group of network marketers that are doing it right and loving their business. 

I hope this was helpful for you.


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