What if by using one word in our communication we could increase the chances of others taking the action that we want them to take?

Today I wanted to repost this from a few years ago as this was a huge aha moment for many of our clients. I hope it will be helpful for you too! A while back I read The Science of Selling and was blown away by a simple thing that helps increase people’s responsiveness to your request. 

Just give them a reason… Wait… WHAT?  Is it really that easy?

The specific formula you want to use is:

The thing that you would like them to do + “because” + a reason. 

By putting that word in, “because,” and giving a reason, our mind responds and gives justification to what we are doing.  

As communicators in network marketing, we want to communicate an idea or create action for customers, or team members, or ourselves, and we often fail to give a reason.

The study that caught my attention showed that we don’t need to come up with a crazy reason, we just need reason, any reason to do the thing we are requesting them to do.

I was blown away by this concept. So I took it to my toughest sale, as I do when I want to test every technique that I learn. I take it to my daughter Haley. At the time, we had been struggling with bedtime and brushing teeth. 

We had tried every technique that parents try – rewards, responsibility, guilt, etc – and nothing worked.  As a coach for communicators, this was incredibly frustrating.

So I decided to try this “because” technique…I said, “Okay Haley, please brush your teeth because it will help you to have healthy teeth.” And boom, she brushed her teeth. “Please brush your teeth because it’s bedtime,” that was the second night. Boom. Then I tried this silly reason, “Hailey, please brush your teeth because it’s time to brush your teeth.” 

And no joke… she did it.

I just thought that this was so crazy. We just had to give her a reason. 

So, how does this apply to network marketing, sales, and leadership? Well, first I want to state the obvious, use your powers for good and not evil. So, we don’t want to use fake reasons, that’s not cool. But what if we just started communicating by giving people a reason and making sure we really link that reason?  I think we would see drastic results.

So here are some examples, and then you can just start to use this as you go through your life. 

Example 1: You are trying to help your customer set-up a recurring order for their products.

  • Instead of saying, “let’s put in your credit card –
  • Say, “Let’s enter your next month’s order because it will save you time, and you won’t have to worry about it later.”

Example 2: When you are asking for a referral.

  • Instead of saying, “So, go ahead and jot down five referrals.” –
  • Say, “So, go ahead and jot down five referrals because it will help your friend learn about how to solve their problems.

Example 3: You are chatting with your team member and would like for them to practice

  • Instead of saying, “Make sure to practice this outline.” –
  • Say, “Practice this outline because it will help you to be more confident.”

I do encourage you to look through your outlines for appointment setting, lead generation, or sales conversations, and see where you can insert the word “because” and give a reason, because I want to help make this easier for you without being high pressure, salesy, or manipulative.

I hope this helps you both in your business AND your everyday life!  I sure helped me!

Thanks for reading this today!


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