Is the fear of rejection stopping you in your tracks?

Most people WANT to grow their businesses, they WANT to help more customers…. Yet they don’t take the actions they need to take…

Thoughts surface like:

  • What if I reach out someone and they don’t want to meet with me?
  • What if they don’t respond back to me at all?
  • What if I am bothering or annoying them?
  • Will they still like me…what will they think of me?

Just the other day I asked a student of ours “what was hard for her in reaching her goals” she responded back to me, “it’s the “fear of rejection.”   She said she had reached out to her warm market and got NO responses and it froze her from taking further action.

After digging deeper it wasn’t that she heard the word NO it was that no one responded to her messages.  And so in her mind she automatically had the thought that they were not responding back to her because they were not open to meeting with her and that they were saying NO to her.  

Earlier this week, I actually heard back from a student who I reached out to back in August.  She NEVER responded back to my initial message, but instead she held onto my contact information.  Life got busy and months went by. When the timing was right for her she reached out to me and asked if we could meet.  

I just made the assumption she was no longer open to meeting with me, therefore I never followed up.  Six months went by and I almost missed the opportunity to really HELP her, all because I made the assumption she was NOT open to meeting with me.  What if she had lost my contact information and hadn’t reached out to me?

I never would have been able to help her.  

And so what if we actually changed what the word NO meant and even what the no response back meant.  How would our business shift and grow?

Because the truth is that the word NO can mean multiple things, NO can mean, NO thank you that is not for me, or NO not right now, or I don’t KNOW enough, it also doesn’t have to mean NO forever as we know things change from time to time.

Here are a few tips that will show you how the word NO can actually help you, help more people.

  1. Change your thought of what NO actually means

Examples: “NO is going to help me get to my next YES”

“NO doesn’t mean they are rejecting ME… they are simply not open to the product or opportunity right now.

  1. When I get a NO I am going to continue to offer the opportunity to each person I    come across. Make it a game, how many NOs can I get before my next YES
  1. The NO NO NO NO will help me get to the “Yes” and you only need a few YES people to help you build a great team!

I really hope that this was helpful for you today.  We ALL get the word NO. We ALL get silent responses after we outreach.  So let’s choose to think about it differently so we can keep moving forward.

You got this.