Today, I am sharing a super inspirational interview that I had with our client Stephanie. If you ever feel like you aren’t sure if you are doing a good job as a leader, or if you are even “doing it right”, I think this will give you a breath of fresh air. When we met in the Customer First Sales Mastermind at the end of April, she wanted to be able to give her builders the tools to be successful.  Stephanie was struggling with the following problems… can you relate?

I felt like I was floundering to help my builders, and I just wanted them to thrive. My team members didn’t have the outlines that we now have…  They would come up against a wall and they would quit. I really wanted to have some tools personally that I could use and also pass on to them.

I was second-guessing myself, feeling like, “Am I failing? Am I a good leader? Am I truly helping people on my team? Am I giving them what I need? Am I enough? ”When I asked her what she implemented to make a big jump in sales and recruiting conversations, she shared…

The biggest thing for me is that I’m a rule follower. I love outlines. I love all that. So when we got into inviting people to sales conversations, inviting people to recruiting conversations, I started implementing those outlines in my own conversations. I would have the outlines right in front of me while I was talking to people on Zoom, hoping they wouldn’t actually see me reading. So, there’s authenticity for you.

And then passing it on to my team. So, I would just go over that with them too, and just give them some outlines and help them… And they’re all starting to implement it, and I’m actually seeing them get out of their warm market. What I see typically is when people hit that wall of, “I don’t know of anybody else to talk to,” wall, they usually quit.I have a few more absolute gems from Stephanie:

People hate the salesy thing. Nobody wants to be salesy, and so when we have the outlines we just sound authentic and we can be ourselves. At first, using the mastermind outlines, I thought… “This is too simple.” And then I was like, “Wait, that’s the beauty of it. This is simple.”I’ve been making this complicated. And I’m watching people on my team making this complicated because that’s what they’re duplicating from me. How can we simplify this?  And that’s where the mastermind helped.

It was so cool to hear that Stephanie was able to help her team with straightforward steps and outlines so that they felt successful AND she felt successful as a leader. See! It’s possible!

Make sure to watch/listen to the full interview because Stephanie will share a key shift that she made in her sales conversations that had a huge impact and the biggest lesson she learned in the last 6 weeks. I know this will be super helpful for you.


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