Have you ever felt like you are spending more and more time in your business in joy sucking activities?

This can happen for so many of us. We start our business with the desire to help people and all of the sudden we are doing tedious tasks all the time… and helping people seems only a tiny part of what we do.

Today I am talking to my client, Jackie Isles who has transformed her business. Not only has her income increased month after month, her team grown, but she has found her sparkle again. She is JOY FILLED which is cascading to her customers and team members.

Today she will share how she went from feeling heavy and ready to walk away from her business to feeling light and inspired. She did one simple exercise that helped her transform literally all aspects of her business. We will talk about the simple exercise she did that you will be able to do too. 🙂

I really hope this is helpful for you today. If you want to chat through private coaching options so we can coach you through discovering your Leadership Superpower Jackie talked about simply email us at team@emergesalestraining.com.


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