Lynell is starting a coaching business and wants to network online in such a way that people can be potentials for her coaching business or her network marketing business. She wasn’t sure exactly where to start…

By the end of the call she was excited because she now knows how to narrow her target market down to the people she wants to serve, and how to integrate the 2 businesses. 

Watch this this video to see how I coached Lynell on

  • How to organize her multiple businesses in a single mission statement
  • The details behind choosing a target market that feels awesome and creating a dedicated Facebook group for them
  • How to create value-based content to build trust, compassion, stability, and hope AND create a community that they want to invite others to as well
  • And a few other ninja tips.

I hope this is helpful to you! (Let Lynell know how much you appreciate her being brave and doing this call)

If this resonates with you, and you would like to chat about working with me to help you with your online networking strategy, let’s chat! Schedule a time to chat with my business partner Karen to explore what masterminds or coaching would be a good fit for you at

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