Have you ever looked at other people’s strengths and thought that they were “better” than the strengths that you have?  

If you have taken the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment you may have even looked at your top talents and wished they were something other than what they actually were.  “Gosh if I just had activator or achiever in my top strengths…THEN I could have a more successful business”…

We all have a tendency to fall into “compare and despair” at times which obviously isn’t helpful to our business or our confidence… and the truth is that each of our talents CAN be used to create success.

Today, I am sharing my interview with Josh Brecheisen because he specializes in helping people use their unique talents to create action in their businesses.  You can tune in to watch the entire interview below.

Here is an example of how Josh walked with me through some of my strengths and showed me how I can turn it into action:

Now that I have my profile, I can look at it and say either, “Oh wow!  That’s me!” Or, “Oh…that’s not really me.” How do I use my Strengths profile to actually create money and revenue and profit in my network marketing business?

-We default to the “Report Card Syndrome”, and we focus on the negative aspects.  Remember that all these strengths are good. Accept them as gifts you were born with.  They may have been perceived as negatives, or you have used them negatively in the past.

-I have learned through my study of Economics (my college major) that when you are different, you reach higher levels of outcome.  

-I have clients who say that within their company they have people tell them that high achievers have a particular strength and they start comparing themselves to them.  And they get down on themselves that they don’t have that strength in their profile, but I am able to show them that the strength they do have like Empathy is just as powerful and effective in certain situations than a strength like Activator or Achiever.

So if I, Josh, were coaching you, Tasha, I would ask you what your Strengths profile was and ask you which do you think looks as not really actionable?

{Tasha’s strengths}






Looking at these 5 strengths, which do you think most people would look at as not really actionable?

Tasha:  Individualization or Learner

The first step in making things actionable to go straight to your Strengths Insight Guide.

What is a challenge (something you need to make a decision on or move on right now) that you need to make actionable right now?

Tasha: Overmaxed on time, follow up with previous clients is falling aside.

Learner can be best tool to help overcome this challenge.  Read through the theme description as a Learner it and what is the phrase that you connect with the most?

Tasha:”I work with instructors, trainers, or mentors.”

-”Test mental endurance and agility”

Josh: You’re in a space of overwhelm.  This is an opportunity to learn and grow in mental endurance and agility.  Look at it as a glass-half-full opportunity.

-”Where is the gift?” is a question I ask myself all the time.

-I have a high aptitude to push my mental agility, and this is that time to be able to do that.  Now is the time to embrace it.

-Look at it as an opportunity to learn about my clients.  What if you asked your question of your clients that stimulated you the most or interested you?

-Example:  I am following up with you, and I ask you, “What are the most efficient ways you have done follow up in your business?” Turn it on its’ head and ask them something that is of interest to you and learn from your clients.

-This engages your client if they have a secret and this can energize both of you.

-You have now found a way to use your strength to partner with your client.

Josh also went through how I would be able to help my team start taking action steps in their businesses:

How do I help my team move into action without getting lost in the weeds?

-Think of your challenge.  What do I need to accomplish? (write this down)

-Which strengths lend to making what needs to be done actionable?  You might find it is a different strength, but start with the one you think will lead to action.

-Which strengths lead to action towards what needs to be done?  You might find it is a different strength, but start with the one you think will lead to action.

-Jump into the Strengths Insight Guide.

-Find the phrase that resonates most with your team member, and help show them how to use this strength with their customers.

What else would you want to share with our audience?  Our audience wants to grow profitable businesses, help their customers, and have a thriving team.

-Mentorship.  Per Gallup, 1% of people who say they don’t have a mentor will say that they are engaged (Josh’s definition of engaged is you love what you do).  So the odds of you loving what you do when you don’t have a mentor is so much less than when you do.

-Find a mentor in Strengths and that will help make what we talked about today more actionable.

These are just some of the highlights from my interview with Josh. You can connect with him via email josh@genuinerecruiting.com

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email us at team@emergesalestraining.com.  We would love to connect with you. 🙂

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