Do you ever feel confused about how the heck to promote your products on social media without annoying your friends?

I know firsthand that using social media for your business can seem overwhelming…

So today I want to share my top 5 social media takeaways from the Association of Network Marketing Professionals Conference…

And I’ll tell you my BIGGEST take-away that really impacted me and puts my heart at peace.

The first 3 takeaways are from Rachel Jackson:  

1. When you think about the different platforms think of Facebook as your talk show, Instagram as your reality show, and YouTube as your sitcom.

Each platform has a different audience and people go to different platforms for different reasons. When using the same content across the different platforms, it doesn’t make much sense for the user.

So pick a platform based on how you want to interact with your audience.  

Spend up to a year building your influence on social media – it will take time for your audience to get to know you, but the consistency will lead to positive results.

2. Quality content + being a good human + consistent drive to a presentation.

You don’t actually sell on social media.  You build relationships on social media, you get into conversations and then you invite people into a “conversion event” (an appointment, a webinar, or a class, for example).

3. If you don’t know what to post, grow.

Start reading or searching for the things your audience is caring about, and you will start growing and that will make it easier to find things that are helpful for them.

4. Analyze your personal page

Rob Sperry said to take time to look once a month and analyze your top 5 posts. What are the top 5?  What are the bottom 5? And why?

This way you are consistently growing in the way you are creating content on social media.  

5.  People want to feel like the person they are engaging with is just like them.

This was my favorite takeaway from Angel Fletcher (who didn’t let them announce her rank or how big her team was- she came up on stage in her pajamas.)  🙂

She understands that when she shows up on social media 80% of her team doesn’t care if she shows up in a suit, how much she makes, and how much her team sells.

THE BIGGEST takeaway, though, came from Anthony Napolitano:  You need to have a 20 year perspective on your career.

Most of us want to see an impact immediately.  My coaches have worked with me on impact over income and remembering that income that I generate right now is because of work I put in 60-90 days ago.

Often I want to hurry up and implement!  So many mistakes have to do with rushing to what needs to be a 10-year play.  Instead, what I can do is do this one thing really well for the next few years. Over the span of 5 years, all of that will add up to massive growth.  I don’t have to be in such a race.

This has put my heart at peace, which has allowed the quality of my work to go up, which is actually getting to the results I want faster.

I really hope this is an encouragement today.

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