It’s Convention Season!  This is basically “Happy New Year” for a lot of network marketing companies, which can lead to great euphoria and excitement that leads to tons of momentum and growth in your business.  Or it can lead to overwhelm and totally fizzling out.

I don’t want that to happen to you, so I am going to give you some quick Do’s and Don’ts that I think will help you.


  1. Try to give people that didn’t attend convention the feeling that they were there.  This is impossible. The purpose of convention is to increase your confidence, enthusiasm, purpose, and product conviction.  Instead, Share wisdom.  
  2. Try to implement new ideas immediatelybrain dump instead and set a task to review that list in 2-3 weeks once you have had a better mind to sit down and make good decisions.
  3. Vomit on people. Offer appointments instead.


  1. Block out 1 month after convention while your brain works. Include appointment times, coaching calls with your team, and events you want to do.  Also include scheduling dates with family to give you something to look forward to. No new projects until this time is over.
  2. Call ahead and get a fridge in your hotel room at convention for healthy snacks.
  3. Change your thoughts from “I’m overwhelmed! ARGHHH!!” to “This is exciting!  It’s like New Year’s Eve and the extra work/time is totally worth it”
  4. Break down big yearly goals into the number of people to meet with each week… that’s all that matters.
  5. If you have big goals – get help. This is the shameless plug portion of the blog for our coaching programs.  One of the things we do really well at Emerge in our one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs is the mastery, execution, and skills in order for you to reach those big goals of yours.  If you have a really big goal, you may either need to increase your skills, or you will need a really good plan that is broken down into smaller benchmarks to help you achieve the big goal in bite-size chunks.  We can help you do that, or help you partner up with people who have expertise in this area.

You got this.  🙂

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