“What is easy to do is easy not to do.”

When I first met Jamie she had seen an overall decrease in her income which led to a decrease in her impact and an increase in frustration.  

Fast forward just one month later and Jami is seeing major shifts in her business.  I am so grateful that she is here today to share some tips that have helped her that I know will help you too.

You can watch/listen HERE.

In this interview, Tasha and Emerge Community member, Jami Lee, discuss on her one month “Emerge-iversary”:

1.What her business looked like before she started with Emerge and what it looks like now

  • She has been in her business for 4 years and has recently seen a lot of challenges such as social media changes, and how to meet and build relationships with new people.  Previous techniques she used were no longer working.
  • She had trouble identifying the basics of what she could do regardless of what is happening through social media, but also what to do to change and adapt to changing times.
  • She had seen a decrease in her income, which led to a decrease in her impact in helping others that led to some frustration.
    • What needed to change and what needed to stay the same?
  • She started the Emerge courses and noticed a difference in the first 10 days.
  • She continued to do daily activities that seemed small and insignificant but, when done consistently, continue to make an impact.  Success, impact, and income continued to grow.
    • Jami Lee had an “Evidence File” that she collected messages from customers and team members that were sent to her about how her coaching or product impacted their lives, and she would refer back to them on hard days when she wondered if she should continue with her business.  This reminded her of her impact on people even if the income wasn’t there.

2.There is joy and energy back in her business now.

  • She has shifted in how she interacts with people and still can tell there is an impact with others, even if they don’t start a business of their own.  She focuses on serving the people she is talking to.
  • Don’t get caught up in “Analysis-Paralysis” – that helps no one.  Jump in and learn as I go. Then she turned and shared what she did with her team.
  • She spent time with one person, got to know them and serve them, rather than message 50 people and get nowhere.
  • The company offered to customers bundles and packages with great value to help customers get started, but Jami Lee had trouble selling those.  She would sell smaller items with a low retention rate.
    • This month, though, she was able to sell some bundles, and she went from zero points (how her company calculates sales) to 8 points.  Eight points in a month! It was really exciting for her, and this didn’t include other customers that started with smaller items.
    • This also lead to an increase in income as well.

3.“What did you do differently to create that success?”

  • Focus work in the right direction and right areas, spending time doing what really matters or wondering if what she is doing really matters.
  • It has only been one month, but she expects retention to increase because she is focusing on only a few appointments a week and having quality conversations with people to get to know them and their goals.
    • Also having appointments focusing on retention, appointments for coaches on her team, appointments for people interested in joining her team, and one-on-one coaching calls.
    • She can spend one-fifth of the time she used to spend and fill up her schedule in a week.
    • She has also been able to set a boundary of when she is working and when she is not – she is able to have an appointment in her office, end the appointment, walk out of her office, close the door, and spend time with her family.  She knows when she is sitting down to work, she is doing the things that matter.

4.What are 3 tips you would give our audience to help them be more successful in the next 30 days?

  • Learn something and then apply.  The more you learn things, the more you sharpen that skill.  Don’t feel like you have to perfect it in order to implement it.  Focus on how you can serve your customers.
    – Keep moving forward – slow progress is still progress.  Imperfect progress is still progress.
  • Be consistent.
    – Grow your skills steadily.
  • If you want to redeem what you think a salesperson is, focus on the customer.  If you focus on the customer, you won’t be that sleazy sounding sales person we all think of when we think of salespeople.  If you don’t want to just sell a product, you don’t have to. Get to know your customers.

You can connect with Jami Lee on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cultivating_intentionality/ and share with her and us what are your takeaways from this conversation.  

We hope this is an encouragement to you.

Tasha and the Emerge Community

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