“What are you here for?”  I was asked this question a lot this past week when I was at Eric Worre’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event, and I told people that, as a sales and leadership coach, I am looking for a couple of things.

I am looking to stay sharp and in on the industry.  My clients count on me to funnel information to them to save them time and go learn all the things.  The biggest objective I have in delivering information is the way top performers think.  I am always looking for that slight shift in the way top performers think about strategies and skills.

So at this conference I took furious, furious notes, and looking back on them this morning I picked out the top 19 one-liners.  Now, I was going to pick out the Top Ten, but I had to pick 19 because there were so many good ones I didn’t want to leave any of them out.  They are not in any particular order other than how they are organized in my notes, so I am going to just jump in and give them to you. I’ll give you context on some of them, and I hope one of these shifts your thinking.

Eric Worre

  1. Your income is a direct reflection of your value to your company.
  2. Use other People’s success as an example as it’s possible. If it starts to discourage you, let it go and focus on competing with yourself.
  3. You cannot get to where you want to be with your existing team.
  4. Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free, and sometimes that prisoner is you.
  5. If sales grow faster than leadership, sales will self correct to your leadership level.

Courtney Epps

  1. 46% of Americans don’t have $400 extra to their name

Frazer Brooks

7.   Treat everyone as someone.

8.   Go back and forth bringing people from Loserland to Successland.

Armand Puyolt

9.  If you are on the right track, but do nothing, you will get run over.

Tom Chenault

    10.  Hire your ears and not your mouth.

Lisa Grossman

11.  If they believe in what the product did for them, they won’t stop talking if they get discouraged.

Harvey MacKay

12.  Dig your well before you are thirsty

Emily Vavra

13.   God will meet you at your level of expectation every day.

Darnell Self

14.  Talk about where you are going more than where you have been.

Jesse Lee Ward

15.   If you want a bigger team you need to be friendlier.

Eric Thomas

16.   Things don’t grow only with the sun, they need rain too.
17.   I never said I was the best, but I’m available.

Antonio Martinez

18.   Network marketing is about teaching people how to make money.

Lou Holtz

19.   Embrace change. Make whatever changes are necessary to satisfy the customer and make a profit.

I would love to hear which one moved your thinking. I hope these were as inspiring and thought-provoking for you as they were for me.

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