Productivity and happiness increase significantly for women with a best friend at work. You don’t need EVERYONE to be your best friend, but when you have a work “bestie” (can be different than a non-work bestie) work satisfaction improves a lot. One of the best parts of network marketing is getting to work and buy from your friends. But, it can also be a huge point of tension if intentions are unclear. 

I don’t think the question is, “how do we separate it?” I think the question is, “how do we integrate it in a way where the relationships improve, and how do we maintain friendships when a business relationship has run its course?” 

The overall answer is, communicate proactively. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me once, shame on me. 

Tip #1- hold it loosely. You are friends first, and the business relationships are secondary. This is up to us, and when we know what’s first, our friends will know.

  • be proactive in nurturing the friendship side
  • your history will be the foundation on their perception of you

Tip #2- acknowledge the awkward

  • acknowledge that there can be complications and if they want to opt-out, it’s ok and they can just tell you. Maybe use a silly phrase so it’s not like a break-up. 

Tip #3- create proactive safeguards after the initial “acknowledge the awkward.” 

  • FB messenger for business, text for personal- this way everyone knows which role is which
  • Don’t bring it up at social events. Allow them to bring it up, but put on your friend hat. Use the agreed upon method of contacting later if you want to chat about business stuff.
  • acknowledge- hi this is your _____ rep. Hi, this is your friend calling. 

Tip #4- make sure you have a secondary support system- so your friend isn’t also your full-time business confidante 

  • A neutral 3rd party helps to ease the heaviness on relationships where business/friendships are intertwined. Don’t add extra pressure for your friends to be in your business, and also your mentor, coach, or business therapist. There will be things I tell my friends that are transparent, but the really messy vulnerable stuff, I leave for my coach.

Watch the full video below.

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