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Stop Us If Any Of This Sounds Familiar…

  • You are consistently doing outreach but hearing crickets
  • You have been sharing about your product but no one is buying (or even showing up for your events to begin with)
  • You are posting but not getting any comments or reactions
  • You are conducting mentor calls but not creating action
  • You are scheduling team meetings but no one is coming


  • You are trying to do the same thing as your upline, but it’s not working for you
  • Your upline has left the business or doesn’t know how to help you
  • Your upline is awesome but is way too busy to give you the step-by-step mentoring you need to learn, grow and move into action
  • Or maybe you are in a state of overwhelm and you don’t know where to start

If it does, then you already know how hard it can be trying to get good advice and support.

That’s what inspired us to build this place

We were fed up with hearing stories about good people who were stuck and were searching everywhere for an answer that we already had…

“Carol” was making $50/month in her network marketing business for 2 years straight. She was a highly successful project manager and a coder and if other people could be successful, she thought she could too, but that wasn’t happening…


Carol was introverted and private but also kind and a great listener.  She attended team calls and watched videos from successful leaders in her company. But it was all so complicated… and didn’t give her exactly what to say, especially as someone who preferred to spend more time listening than talking or convincing…


Carol’s upline “Melissa,” was also in a pinch. Melissa also believed in the life-changing properties of her product and wanted to get the word out. As a teacher with 2 young children though, her time was limited. Still, she did all the things…


She went to the events, only to be left overwhelmed and in “compare and despair.” She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t having more success.  Melissa was active in the community, and as an extrovert enjoyed talking to new people. That’s how she would get her new contacts. But she was struggling with staying organized and focused on turning those contacts into enrollments. And she didn’t know how to help her more introverted friend… Telling her just to “go out and talk to people” wasn’t helping…


“Kristen” was a successful but frustrated network marketing leader. She shared, “I’m just supposed to keep sending these messages on social media, hoping someone will respond. I don’t even know these people I am reaching out to… 


I wish I could connect with people and they would see what I’m offering is valuable… For me, what is hard as a leader is confidence. When I’m not getting results, how can I lead others? If what I’m doing isn’t working, how am I supposed to teach my team members to run a successful business? All I want is to be successful and for my team to feel successful, even if everyone is earning a few hundred dollars. Kristen was doing “all the right things.” Posting incessantly on social media, mentor calls, and in-person events. But something was missing and she didn’t know exactly what to do or say to create more success on her team…

If you can relate, thankfully all of that is behind you…

Introducing the Emerge Surge…

The Emerge Surge is like having a business coach in your pocket… who knows the ins and outs of your industry.

It’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of planning, building, and running a successful network marketing business.

PLUS the community and coach support you need to ensure your business achieves its full potential. 


The Emerge Surge Will Help You To…

Build a business that brings you joy AND profit, without all of the unnecessary drama. 

Attract more customers and builders to your organization and keep them engaged, so your volume continues to grow

Finally have a clear process to recruit and and launch builders without feeling like you will never have the time to help them be successful

Eliminate hours of time wasted consuming hours upon hours of podcasts, webinars, or books because you now have a step-by-step roadmap that is all aligned with the same values and philosophy as you.

Tap into the power of your connections on social media to build stronger relationships, get more customers, and grow a strong community by following a plan that doesn’t take hours a day, and also feels like you


Become infinitely better at your communication skills so you don’t get stalled in inaction because you don’t know what to say to your customers, team, or on social media


Once upon a time, in a company far, far away, Tasha and Karen ruled the sales world in a $4 billion company. Well to be more accurate… it was more like Karen’s team ruled the sales world. Tasha kept building systems, processes, and strategy to beat Karen. Then Karen would tell Tasha how brilliant she was, use those best practices, and beat Tasha by even more. This went on for 6 years and the two became “soul sisters” in life and work, even though they lived on opposite sides of the country.

In the spring of 2016, Tasha threw a temper tantrum when Karen’s location was closed and Tasha was transferred to a different department. The department they built together was given to a centralized team and nothing was right in the world…


Driven to create a company where everyone could go to Puerto Vallarta, Tasha started tinkering with a website, a podcast, and an online course. Through an obvious divine appointment, Tasha started coaching her neighbor Katherine in her network marketing business. After all, Tasha had mastered one thing over the past 16 years of her career – how to teach non-salespeople how to sell. Katherine went from making $50 a month for 2 years straight, to $450 the next month. Tasha did the next “logical” thing. She quit her job. 

Katherine’s upline hired Tasha also. And so did the next 3 leaders as they started seeing their downlines checks increase. Tasha wasn’t an active network marketer, but she was their CUSTOMER. She took her direct sales experience, new hire training experience, MBA, and everything else she had learned in the past 16 years and combined all of that experience into a sales process where introverts would enroll over half of the people they met with, on the first appointment. 

Word-of-mouth spread like crazy about Emerge’s ability to have ANYONE triple their enrollments, hundreds of network marketers flocked to Tasha’s group coaching programs. But then they had this one, big question. “How do I get my team to sell more and lead them well?”

Around the same time, Tasha got a random text from Karen. It had been a year since Tasha and Karen stopped working together. Karen had already risen to be the top sales manager in her department at a different Fortune 500 company. The text was, “I’m bored.” 

Tasha rubbed her hands together and smiled like a supervillain. Tasha knew EXACTLY how valuable Karen was. As a #1 sales manager for multiple Fortune 500 companies, a leader who truly loved her people but also had the highest standards for them, and a Master’s in Counseling (much of sales training seems to have a therapy-like component to it), Karen was the person to run the company with.

No one remembers the sales pitch, but the next thing they knew, Karen was on a plane to California to write a leadership course for Emerge. Karen hasn’t been bored since. tongue-out

Running a sales training company isn’t for the faint of heart. There have been lots of ups and downs in the Emerge story over the past few years, including highs of team retreats to lows of their own “corporate restructuring.” Tasha has learned a lot about “feelings” and Karen learned a lot about systems.

Tasha wrote additional courses in recruiting and social media and a need developed for Emerge students and clients to be able to go at their own pace. Tasha and Karen started seeing major trends in the core issues that were keeping people from growing. Issues like: believing in themselves, not knowing what to say, being overwhelmed, and losing joy in their business.

In November 2019, the Emerge Surge was born. In the Emerge Surge, Tasha and Karen take their combined 40+ years of sales and leadership experience to pour into every member. If you need to grow your income with your business, they are here to help. Tasha and Karen have always been and will continue to be committed to being the best version of themselves, inspiring and guiding you to do the same. 

They believe in being strong role models, being generous, having fun, pursuing excellence, and that our hard work creates impact in the world. Together, they have created over $3.7 million in coaching sales, and Emerge has served over 8000 students/clients. The best part is… they are just getting started. 

Go One Place For Insanely Effective Courses in 5 Critical Areas In Your Business

We could give you hundreds of courses and recordings from the past 4 years. (Trust us, we have them) But you don’t want more, you want shorter but thorough training so you DON’T have to spend all of your business hours in training. We know you want to watch something for 7 minutes, implement and make sales or help your team. THIS is why we aren’t giving you 3000 hours of training to make you FEEL that this membership is a great deal. MORE doesn’t make it a good value. BETTER and FASTER makes it a great value.

  • How to Schedule Appointments (Inviting)
  • Your Sales Conversation (Enrolling)
  • How to Retain Customers
  • How to Get More Contacts
  • Referrals and Hosting
  • Vendor Events
  • Recruiting Business Owners
  • Networking Events
  • Recruiting Basics
  • Launching Basics

  • Your Strategy for Creating Engaging Content

  • Create Your Personal Brand Pillars

  • Your Successful Posting Strategy

  • Create Compelling Story Posts That Stop the Scroll

  • Create Posts That Turn Into Conversations

  • Turn Potential Customers Into Paying Customers

  • BONUS: Start Your Facebook Business Page

  • Your Role as a Leader

  • Productivity and Planning for Leaders
  • Creating Buy-in and Agreement
  • Develop Your Team Members’ Skills
  • Goal Setting for Leaders
  • Building Resilience in Team Members
  • Team Culture (Includes How to Run Effective Meetings)
  • How to Develop Leaders (Not Followers)

All Emerge Surge Members Receive:

Immediate Access to Our Entire Library of Incredibly Concise Courses

Kiss hours of fluffy, long-winded content goodbye! 

We have condensed courses in sales, recruiting, leadership, and social media for you to dive into the second you join. Our learning platform is fully mobile responsive, which means you can learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.

Workbooks, Examples, and Templates

Customize simple outlines to keep you organized and never sound like a scripted weirdo.

We will not insult your intelligence by giving you copy and paste scripts that don’t sound like you or how a normal human would communicate. We WILL give you outlines that follow how people actually communicate, and tons of examples so you can see what we teach in action. Swipe our templates so you can easily create that elusive “system” everyone keeps talking about. 

Expert Support And A Community of “Doers”

Getting an answer on how to implement something should be quick and easy.

You are more than just a number to us. Join us for LIVE Zoom coaching calls to get your questions answered, to get unstuck, do outreach together for accountability, and to get focused. Ask any question (even the ones you think are dumb and you “should know”) in our Members Only Facebook group so you can spend less time in “figuring things out” and more time in action.

“Prior to Emerge, I was so frustrated in my business I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue.  I was averaging 1-2 enrollments per month and around $100 dollars.  I was hesitant to join Emerge because it seemed like “just another thing”.  Honestly, we had been introduced to so many different ways of doing things I wasn’t sure one more thing would do anything other than confuse me.  After taking 3 of the 4 courses offered inside of the Emerge Surge, I increased my enrollments to 10-12 per month and more than quadrupled my income.  So just DO IT if you are on the fence.  You will LOVE the live coaching and the online courses.”


“Pre Emerge my business was a mess.  I had no support from my upline and no clear direction.  I had 3-4 enrollments per month and was just making a few hundred dollars.  I wasn’t sure what to say when I reached out to potential customers and was worried about irritating them.  I loved helping people and knew my products were life-changing, I just couldn’t figure out how to get momentum.  After taking 3 of the courses offered inside of the Emerge Surge I finally had the tools I needed to be successful.  I am so happy to say I am now consistently doing 7-10 enrollments monthly and last month I had 13! If you are on the fence about doing the Emerge Surge, you need to do it for yourself and your business.  I am proof!”

Holly A.

“Using Emerge has given me and my team members a solid foundation of sales skills that have allowed me to grow a team of people making a difference in the world. This has given me a purpose and focus I had never imagined possible.”

Bailey K.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you join the Emerge Surge you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

We have bought courses/memberships that were so awesome and gave us hope and a return on investment right away! We have also bought courses/memberships that were a complete waste of time. And honestly, it has made us a little gun-shy because if I already know everything in your course, how am I supposed to jump through all the hoops to get a refund? 

We know that if you watch some videos or attend a live training, you will get value out of the Emerge Surge. And if that’s not the case, you will get a refund without any hassle. 


Frequently Asked Questions


So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you…

What level should I be in my network marketing business to join the Emerge Surge?

Whether you are just starting out or have a team the Emerge Surge is right for you.  If you are brand new in your business, you will benefit from building a strong duplicatable foundation and receiving help along the way.    If you have been at this for years, you will learn how to scale and create duplication through simple processes. You will choose your starting point through our roadmap.

Is all of the content available right away or is it released a little bit at a time?

You will have access to all of the content right away so that you can dive right in where you will benefit the most and go at your own pace.

Is there new content every month?

Yes! Every single month, we will host a live coaching call where we will cover new content to ensure you continue to learn and grow. We will also release a new online course once per month.

Can I get one on one help and support?

Not only can you ask questions and get advice, support, and feedback any time from within our community; but we also run WEEKLY live coaching calls, where you can ask your questions live or even volunteer to be live coached by Karen or Tasha.

We are also one of the very few training and coaching companies that offer 1-on-1 coaching at an affordable price. There is nothing we love more than meeting with motivated clients on a weekly basis to be their personal guide in their business. Email to connect.

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

It’s time for you to take action. Simple as that. If you really want to have a successful, profitable business then you need somewhere to get answers to all of your questions – especially the ones you don’t know you have yet. You need support, community, and most of all… accountability!

The Emerge Surge is that place. If you really want to make a difference, the time is now.

Plus, you will not want to miss out on our next members-only challenge!

What if I don’t like the Emerge Surge?

We know you will love it, however, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied in any way we have a 30-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked). We want you to succeed, and know that if you become a member of the Emerge Surge and take action on what you learn… you will see amazing results!

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

We understand that sometimes it is time to move on.  We know you will love the Emerge Surge and see amazing results in your business. If you do decide to cancel obviously we’ll be very sad, but if it’s time for you to go you can cancel right inside your account with no fuss.

If I decide to cancel can I still access the content?

No- the content and live coaching calls are available to you as long as you are a member.

If I buy the monthly membership, can I upgrade to the annual membership later?

Absolutely! You can just email us at and we will help you right away.

If you still have questions please contact us at We will be happy to chat!

Not Sure If The Emerge Surge Is Right For You?

The Emerge Surge Is NOT for everyone, and we want to help you figure out if it is right for you rather than waste your time, or risk messing up our community…

The Emerge Surge is FOR

  • Introverts who have a hard time thinking of what to say to people
  • Extroverts who are great at meeting new people but are having a hard time duplicating on their team
  • Leaders who know they need “systems” but don’t know where to start
  • Entrepreneurs who have the income they earn in their business as a priority
  • People that know they are better than some lame copy and paste script to your high school chemistry partner
  • People who don’t want to treat others like “it’s a numbers game”
  • People who are willing to spend a little bit of extra time to do it right, instead of wasting tons of time in the future because of poor results or drama
  • Imperfect people who make mistakes, but are committed to being the best version of themselves
  • People who are cool to be around and have a good sense of humor
  • Leaders who aren’t just about creating their own best life, but are driven to help others create their best life
  • People who believe in the life-changing properties of their product and know that customers are better off for buying
  • Leaders who are getting tired of “all the things” and can’t even think of putting one more thing on their plate

The Emerge Surge is NOT for

  • Salesy weirdos that don’t sound like normal people or are willing to burn relationships for the sake of their business
  • Entrepreneurs who desire a high level of accountability, direction and personalized attention (we have 1-on-1 coaching for that)
  • People who have committed less than 5 hours per week in their business
  • People looking for an automated sales funnel
  • People who can’t maintain basic commitments like being on time or doing what they say they will do 
  • Mean people who speak poorly of customers or team members
  • Anyone looking for a “quick push” to reach a rank in an unreasonable amount of time
  • People who think it’s weird and “unprofessional” that Tasha works in a hoodie or a graphic tee.
  • People who will be offended if in the safety of coaching a student/client or even a coach says an “adult word”
  • People who aren’t willing to be good role models for their team
  • People who aren’t willing to be real about their challenges and/or successes
  • People looking to someone else to do all their thinking for them and then blame the other person for lack of success
  • Anyone who doesn’t like tacos, LOL just kidding

It is absolutely critical that when you work with coaches or trainers, the values and goals align. We know that the Emerge Surge is not for everyone. We are committed to helping our members be successful and we can only do that if the Emerge Surge is right for you.


Well of course, WE think we’re awesome! You should be worried if we didn’t. But don’t take our word for it, check out what people are saying about us on social media…

If you are still reading all the way to the bottom of this page, it’s because you want to join us and are looking for some assurance that you won’t regret it. 

The worst part about purchasing crappy online training is the big waste of time it is to watch videos from unskilled and boring teachers, or to have to sift through hours of content for the one sentence that will actually help you, maybe. 

Recently we bought a $1200 training and after watching 5 hours, there was still NOTHING we could implement and it was so frustrating. Time AND money down the drain.

But clearly, if we took enough care to put a cat meme at the bottom of this page to make you smile, we would never do that to you. 

Join the Emerge Surge, like right now. You won’t regret it.


Tasha and Karen


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