I recently came across a Wall Street Journal article titled, “If Networking Feels Dirty, You Are Doing It Wrong.” It inspired me to have this conversation with you because so many of our clients share that they feel “inauthentic” when meeting new people or “networking.” 

So let’s talk about it…

We, as humans, are used to “networking.” It’s part of the human experience to meet people, exchange value, and keep in touch (ish). We have always asked questions, learned about each other, shared stories, and shared resources.

Social media was initially created to expand this purpose. 

But then COVID disrupted the human experience. Now it’s almost like we have forgotten how to be human. We, as a society, seem to have forgotten how to be social. 

When people start network marketing, they know all these people from the past so they invite them to know about the products or business. Network marketers met them initially without the intention of selling to them eventually. 

But now, many of our clients are thinking, “I need to meet people or I can’t make sales.” This turns into, “I’m only meeting you because I want you to buy something.” Of course this feels icky!

Then it gets worse, let’s look at what that thought does to the business.

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Feeling: I feel icky.

Action: I avoid people.

Results: I don’t know anyone, I need to meet people because I need to sell.


Let’s try replacing that thought with something more healthy and empowering.

Thought: I enjoy meeting people with similar interests, whether I’m “working” or not.

Feeling: I’m excited.

Action: Explore wherever I can meet these types of people.

Result: I have so many new connections and some of them will want to buy.

Much better. 🙂

I have a few practical tips for you.

  1. If you weren’t working, what would you do? Do it!
  2. Join groups, follow hashtags associated with things you actually care about, as a human.
  3. Separate the time you spend meeting people versus inviting, versus converting. Don’t smush these processes together. (Yes, that is a technical sales training term)
  4. Don’t connect with people you don’t want to connect with.

If meeting people isn’t fun, you might be doing it wrong. Let’s return to being human, and do the best we can in these circumstances. 


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